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Date: 2007-05-05 15:25

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Armed Assault Dedicated Server Logger

It will post Name, Date/time, Cd ID, Connect/Disconnect to a website via a url.

This is a command line tool. To use this tool you will need to provide several arguments. Only one is required.


  • filename {Server Exe filename}:
    The filename argument is to provide the software the location of armed assaults dedicated server exe. This argument is required

  • logname {path and Filename of logfile}
    The logname argument is used to log the console messages to a text file. This file is not locked and can be processed by another program. If you want the logs named by date just add %DATE to the line and it will toss in a date formated 05-28-07. May 28th 2007.

  • player {Url {0}=Date/Time,{1}=PlayerName,{2}=CdID,{3}={0=Connect/1=Disconnect}}
    This will cause the system to post the player connect & disconnect events to a URL of your choice. You will need to insert the argument markers as noted above. They have to be in the brackets to work. The {3} will return a 0 or a 1. A 0 means the user connected, a 1 means the user has disconnected from the server.

Dot Net 2.0 - Should have this anyway.

Here is a quick example of running the program with file logging by date in the logs folder (Must be created) and posting the events to a website at


Armaded.exe -filename arma_server.exe -logname Logs\DLOG-%DATE.LOG -player{0}&name={1}&cdid={2}&action={3}

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