Bad Benson's Green Berets - Astan-style
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Bad Benson released an alpha version of his Green Berets in Astan-style on the BI forums.

Quote Bad Benson :
These are some US Army Special Forces units i've been working on some time ago. i never released them cuz i never had the time to really finish them.
someone saw them in screenshots made by guys i gave them to and requested a here they are.

They have alot of rpt errors and some graphical glitches. I also couldn't get rid of the deformation issues they have when holding certain weapons ( like m21 sniper rifle). They also have a huge amount of textures and only pilot and first lods are done.
Since the arma OA heads aren't all of the same shape, the beard doesn't fit every head model. Also the camoed faces look strange since these are desert area units so if someone knows how I can determine in the config which faces they use, I can fix it.

Written on 2010-10-06 19:07 by Foxhound  

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