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Requirements: Some missions require Queen's Gambit Expansion
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Version: 5

Date: 2008-02-16 08:13

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LSD mission-pack #1
Lost Soul Division Clan

More than 110 missions covering different gametypes:
    RW Missions:
      - No Respawn, realistic team operations
      - Defend Missions (for short action with a lot of enemies, defend the base..)
      - Attack Mission: Kill Officers, Infiltrate Bases, Place Bombs, Destroy Objects, Take over towns...
      - Mixed Missions: Attack and defend
      - Infantry Missions: Small team missions or big battles
      - Air Missions: with Cobars, Russian Planes and much more
      - Tank missions: Fight with tanks
      - Command Operations: Small commands attack multiple targets
    Other Missions:
      - TDM: Teamdeathmatch missions
      - Borderwar: Big PVP battle
      - Airwar: (need QG) big air battle
      - Chaos: Funmission (you must see it xD )
      - goodoldtimes: big camel battle
      - goodnewtimes: big air battle
Copy the pbo file(s) to .\ArmA\MPMissions (installation) folder.


- Latest update of some missions and few new included.
- There is no more info about them since the author dropped this support.

- Last update of the pack adding the last missions and fixing few of them.

- Update / Bugfixes for some old missions
- New missions (the problem is cant remember me which missions are new and which not.. but these three missions are definitely new!:
    *Mercenary: Small mercenary group try to kill a terrorist on porto... real small mission just for testing porto, using new vehicles, new units and fighting in the sweet city.
    *Badguys: New mission on united sahrani, you group spawn with some datsun and hilux.. the mission is simple.. take over the tv station and send your propaganda!
    *Paratroopers: Maybe one of my best new missions, you jump out from a dc3 over bagango.. your mission: Destroy supply cars, destroy the generator of the tv station and escape... its cool if you enjoy playing in a team with your clanmates or friends ;)
    ***LSD_Campaign (for sahrani and united sahrani): A extreme big mission... i think it got nearly as much enemy as you can find in evolution.. or more (i dont know exactly). They all spawn during the mission so its lag reduced and it should work without any problem on your server. But i suggest to play it in "PERSISTEND" Mode because it takes a lot time...The mission: Recapture the complete sahrani map!! How you can do that?? First of all, retake the airfield from the enemy units.. and repair the vehicle (vehicle respawn avaible!;) afterwards you can use choppers, hummwv and all the other things which you find during the mission to strike back against the enemy sla forces! there are also some secondary missions wich allows you to get better weapons, because at the beginning you just got a AK74 and one magazine of ammunition..if you want more follow the orders and you get cool new guns :) If you got enough luck you can solve the quest of the "unholy priest" (the guy which looks like a zombie... (and please dont ask now zombies? the mission has nothing to do with them.. its just one guy there which gives you a quest, maybe you solve it or you gonna die if you fail.. but first you have to find him... sometimes he's there sometimes not.. )
- contains 3 new missions and a huge security update for all the existing missions.

Credits and Thanks:
Authors of the missions:
    - False Prophet
    - Kenny
Thx to Rocko, Falcone and the LSD Clan!

Do not edit this missions without the permission of the author.

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- LSD forums

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