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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.0

Short description: The ZORA module randomly spawn enemy groups around a player when they exit a zone defined by a trigger.

Date: 2010-10-20 15:15

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cB BIS Zone Restriction Module in MP


Description :
So I did a bit of playing around with the BIS Zone Restriction Module, hoping to keep things interesting in some of my missions. In a nutshell, the ZORA module randomly spawn enemy groups around a player when they exit a zone defined by a trigger.

Installation / Usage:
Open the example mission in the editor to see how it was done or read the below information:

- To begin with, put down the ZORA module:
- Then place a trigger where you want your units to be safe. When the trigger is activated, any enemy units currently attacking will turn around and head in the opposite direction. Triggers have to be named BIS_Zora_#, where # are consecutive number from 0 upwards:
- I use the following settings in the INIT of the ZORA module
this setvariable ["debug", true];
- This will place graphical markers down to view the spawned enemy groups
this setvariable ["bordersize", 10000];
- By default, if you pass 1000m past the trigger border, you will be killed. Use this variable to increase that value.
this setvariable ["factionlist", ["BIS_TK_GUE"]];
- This sets the enemy faction that they will spawn. For Operation Arrowhead, you will need to set the variable as above.
this setvariable ["maxgroups", 1];
- This limits the number of groups per player. A point to note about using this module in Multiplayer - each player outside the trigger will have a group spawned for them. This means that the number of enemy groups can get out of hand really quick.
- Place a playable unit on the map and preview the mission.
- If during the mission, you want to disable the ZORA module from creating more groups, set the following variable.
BIS_Zora_Pause = true;
- Pause the detection
One other note - there is a bug, when a unit exits a vehicle outside the zone, they will be automatically killed. To prevent this from happening, there is a workaround to pause ZORA when a playable unit enters a vehicle and unpause it once they've all dismounted.
[] spawn {
 // anti Zora bug
 while {isServer} do {
  // check if no players are in vehicles, unpause ZORA
  if ({vehicle _x != _x} count (playableUnits + [player]) == 0) then {BIS_Zora_Pause = false};
  // wait until any players enter a vehicle
  waitUntil { {vehicle _x != _x} count (playableUnits + [player]) > 0 };
  // then pause ZORA
  BIS_Zora_Pause = true;
  // and wait until no players are in vehicles
  waitUntil { {vehicle _x != _x} count (playableUnits + [player]) == 0};
  sleep 1;

For information on all the parameters, check here:

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