Author: ColonelSandersLite
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.2
Signed: Yes

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Date: 2008-03-24 19:00

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This mod, in a nutshell, makes various in game UI elements more visible.
First, It replaces many of the BIS style white text on transparent light grey backgrounds with white text on either black, red, green, blue, transparent black, transparent red, transparent blue or transparent green backgrounds.
This makes the information much more legible when looking at something bright or white. For example, the sun, a white building, the in game map, etc. This look should seem familiar to OFP players.

Second, it moves the map scale indicator to the lower right corner of the map, instead of the upper right. The prevents if from interfereing with the command menu like it used to.

This mod does not overwrite any BIS files, and works via a modfolder.

1: Browse to your arma directory (wherever arma.exe is located).
2: Unzip the contents of this zip file to your arma directory. Be sure to
keep folder structures intact.
3: In C:\YourArmaDirectory\@CSL_UI_MOD\Addons\ there is a folder named disabled. Move one, and only one, of the pbo files out of C:\YourArmaDirectory\@CSL_UI_MOD\Addons\disabled\ into C:\YourArmaDirectory\@CSL_UI_MOD\Addons\

The pbos are named after what color they are.
If you attempt to use more than one at a time, it will cause an error.
4: Create a new shortcut to arma, or modify your existing shortcut.
5: In the target box, add -mod=@CSL_UI_MOD

If you already have a mod, running using the mod switch, seperate your mod options with a semi colon. Do no use multiple -mod commands. For example:
Your target line should look something like this, depending on the options you have enabled:
C:\games\arma\arma.exe -nosplash -mod=@FDF_Sounds;@CSL_UI_MOD

Included files:

The mod itself has only been tested on V1.08 german. It should work on any other version. However, If BIS makes heavy alterations to UI.pbo in some future patch, the mod may break. This case is honestly unlikely.

The is compatible with FDF sounds and will be compatible with any and all mods with my name attached unless otherwise noted. For compatibility with other mods, you'll just have to try it and see. This only modifies backgroundcolor, x, and y properties of some of the controls in UI.pbo. It should work with any mod that does not mess with these. Basically, only other UI mods that change the look of practically everything will likely have this problem.

Should work fine as it'spurely client side, although it may give a cheat notice if the server doesn't have it as well.

If you're using this mod and build a mission, the mission will not require it to be installed by the end user.

    - Added GPS, compass and vehicle information modifications.
    - Signed Addon.
Colors Added:
    - Solid Black
    - Solid Red
    - Solid Green
    - Solid Blue
    - Transparent Red
    - Transparent Green
    - Transparent Blue
Release - Transparent Black background only.

Unlimited rights (including editing and rereleasing) so long as it's non-commercial and adheres to the BIS terms of use. Any derivative work cannot be more restrictive than this with respect to what rights an end user has.

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