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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 2.1.0

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Date: 2008-04-19 12:00

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Portable Target Range

    A range is created dynamically, relative to the player's position, with walls and flags to indicate the different distances.
    Via the action menu you can choose at which distance the targets should appear.
    The range can be placed on any terrain to test bullet drop/rise.
    The type of targets and the distance ranges are selectable.
    Infantry units will automatically assume different stances.
    Downloadable ballistics information can be generated.
    Weapons can be selected directly via a dialog.
    Any target that is killed will be automatically re-created.
    There is unlimited ammo available, making even reloading unneccessary.
    The distance, impact height and average speed of the projectile is displayed after each shot.
    There is a "bullet cam" option to follow the path of the projectile.
    You can go to slow-mo mode, to simulate a perfect aiming situation.
    The landing spot of the fired projectile can be indicated on the map (useful for mortars and grenades).
To use the demo mission, copy the whole folder into you user mission folder,
and then open it in the editor.

The mission folder will be at:
\My Documents\ArmA\Missions or
\My Documents\ArmA Other Profiles\[profile name]\Missions

If you have problems activating a weapons after selecting it in the pop-up dialog try reloading or changing your ammo type.

Change log:
- More user friendly parameter entry: Instead of having a row of mystery parameters (e.g. [50,500,100,["target"],5,10] ...), each parameter can now be entered at any position, along with its label (e.g. [["target], "min:50", "max:500", "step:50","speed:5","move:10"] works just as well as [["target], "speed:5", "move:10", "step:50", "max:500", "min:50"]).
- You can now define targets by placing them on the map, and referring to them in the script call. So for those who never liked very much having to dig through the cfgVehicles class, to find the object they're looking for, you can now just place the object you want somewhere on the map, and that item (as well as any others you might have created) will then be used for the target lineup. You can still use class names (or even mix and match), but this is an additional option.
- Moving targets can be stopped and restarted from inside the mission (via the radio menu).
- When selecting a weapon via the action menu, you will be equipped with all compatible ammo types.
- There are a few other minor tweaks, but these are the major changes.

- added some (optional) ballistics information to the script</LI>
- added capability to select any weapon directly via a dialog window.

- fixed an issue with the new syntax variation of createUnit

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Portable Target Range

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