New Sound : RKSL Eurofighter Typhoon Sound Mod by Havoc Company
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rexehuk has released a new version of his RKSL Eurofighter Typhoon Sound Mod, in the BI forums.

Quote rexehuk :
After much internal testing I've decided to release the EUROFIGHTER sound mod for the RKSL plane offered by Rock.

While the RKSL Eurofighter is simply amazing to fly, it lacked that punch and roar that you see from the real jet, this sound mod was aimed to fix that issue.

Changes in this version:
  • Fixed the CONE (or have I... you tell me? - Feedback if possible)
  • Fixed external start-up sound
  • Changed the afterburner - Cut out the gap
  • Reduced internal crackling with audio sample
  • Increased afterburner dB priority by +12
  • Increased distance ENGINE and AFTERBURNER are heard

Written on 2010-11-18 00:10 by rexehuk  

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