MAF2Ext by Loïck released
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Jeza informed us Loïck released the MAF2Ext mod on the BI forums.
This mod contains vehicles, planes, helicopters not present in the HEXAgon releases for now.

    Quote Loïck :
    It is time for us to get the release of our pack MAF2Ext : Extension to mod for Hexagon for ArmA 2 ! This mod contains vehicles, planes, helicopters not present in the mod Hexagon for now ... These addons are of course those of our mod MAF in ArmA1 and have been reviewed and optimized for ARMA2! Of course, you can imagine, the quality does not excel the Hexagon, but you'll have the pleasure of driving or flying long-awaited in some devices ... until the Hexagon Group will release their own addons!

    This mod has been completely made compatible with version 2.1 of Hexagon and therefore requires their units, weapons and data of the latter v2.1 !
    We take this message to thank Ikar for allowing us so many things these past months!

      This mod contains:
      - Mirage F1 (3 aircraft)
      - Gazelle Canon, Hot et Mistral (Europe and desert camo)
      - TRM2000 sheeted and not sheeted (desert camo and Europe)
      - TRM2000 Repairs, Fuel, Ammunition (Europe and desert camo)
      - TRM10000 Container (4 versions, with or without camo, Fuel and Repair)
      - TRM10000 Hydrolic Arm (without container)
      - AMX10P
      - Cagiva (europe and desert camo)
      - NH90 (two versions: navy, europe)
      - Login-Script flashlight at night
      - Loading screen Fr (Hexagon / MAF)
      - 3 containers (green, camo, medical)
      - Walls (4 versions)
      - Barbed Wire (2 versions)

Written on 2011-01-08 20:05 by W4lkn  

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