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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 13-01-2011
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Short description: This makes infantry fighting vehicles and their infantry squad cooperate better.

Date: 2011-01-13 19:57

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Mechanized Infantry Tactics Addon


This is the addon version of the Mechanized Infantry Tactics script and will cause the AI to use this standard behaviour.

Explanation of the script and its standard behaviour:
This is a script which makes infantry fighting vehicles and their infantry squad cooperate better.
It does so in a simple way, when the vehicle discovers an enemy and the enemy is
within preset engagement range then:
1. The vehicle stops.
2. The infantry squad dismounts and get locked out of their vehicle.
3. The infantry goes in to combat mode and moves to the enemy position.
4. The vehicle follows the infantry and support its attack.
5. After the engagement the infantry mounts up.

Also their exist a radio command that will lock up all the infantry in to their ifvs cargo.
Their also exist one to unlock. They will only be locked in to their cargo untill the group reaches next waypoint.
If you want it to activate for ceratin waypoints it can be made, instructions in "3. Add and disable options.".

Standard behaviour is that the script will detect all ifv on the map with infantry in their group on mission start.
Bind these infantry to the ifv and activate the script for these.
Radio command exist that will lock the cargo of the vehicles until the group reaches their next waypoint.

I am/was a trained mech infantry soldier, so when i saw the standard behavior of the ai during assault, with its constant dismount and mount up with no logic and that the ifv wondered off i decided to code my own ai script to solve this. So i started this summer and got a basic version up fast, but now i got a good version up which is highly customizable. The original thread is in the mission section here .

- Provides more realistic combat behavior from mechanized infantry squads.
- Default behavior is that the script identifies every ifv with a squad on the start of the mission, in cargo or dismounted, and connects these to each other via code (2 arrays with same index) and activates the script for these units.
- Can be changed via init file value so it discovers new vehicle with infantry continually during game run.
- Can easily be modified so it only activates the script for the vehicles you pass to the script, just disable the automatic discovery code and pass an array with vehicle objects in the init file, instructions are on the top of the script file in comments and in the init file.
- In init their is a variable to make the ifv halt and stand still during combat.
- Easy to customize the behavior during different parts of the combat.
- Script only tested with IFV and APC.
- Tested with vanilla Arma2. But i have AO also.
- Added so you can lock the infantry in to the cargo with radio command or by global value.

As we always recommend use modfolders to seperate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems. For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.

Included .pbo files:

Future plans:
Next feature left is to make it work with helicopter.

Notes/Additional info:
I have not tested the PBO, but i think it will work. I di not have much experience with pbo.

Known issues:
Sometime if the soldier the vehicle is following dies the ifv might wounder off a bit, but often it will stay with the group and if it moves if often does so to a better firing position or to the current waypoint.

Amphibious assault demo:
Also got an amphibious assault demo where the infantry is locked in the cargo untill they hit the beach.
Download the Amphibious assault demo mission

Credits & thanks:
Also i would like to thank a bunch of people who helped me in the Mission thread, also the guy who made Squint, excellent tool!

Forum topic:
- BI forums

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