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Requirements: ArmA 2
Island(s): Takistan, Chernarus
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Version: 20140419

Date: 2014-04-19 22:16

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RUBE Fire Ants


of protecting powers. One location seems to be of special interest to them. Supply trucks, lot's of weapons and even some high ranks have been spotted. Though they aren't fortified too well yet...

Basically it's 4 squads surprise attacking one location after being inserted by chopper. The four squads move into position first and attack simultaneously from the flanks. The occupants aren't that prepared for an attack, really - check it out - so the moment of surprise is key.
Support is most likely not available (no gimmicks like arty, air-support and stuff). Also there are different outcomes/path's and thus different endings to this mission, and so more tasks might show up sooner or later...

  • Play as any role you like; a simple grunt, grenadier, squad medic, marksman or squad leader. Your choice. Though first of all the mission is designed for you being a grunt under AI leadership, but things should work just fine with you as leader too, of course, since you might end up as leader anyway...

  • Play as any faction you like. Ok, I'm sorry, but that's a lie. You can't play east factions.
    But in return you may play as BAF (don't worry if you don't have it, it's totally optional/only an alternative player-faction). And as for PMC, well, I didn't incorporate that into my RUBE library yet... but it might show up at some point. Maybe.

  • Launch the attack on any date and time, with immediate preview in the intro.

  • Choose any location on the map or just go with a random one.

  • The mission offers an intro - by which I mean a screen/dialog to select the missions options. So don't skip it too early or play with defaults (which is what I recommend anyway for the first time you play it).

  • Random madness. While the "story" of the mission is pretty much set, everything else is randomized to death. If you look at the mission in the editor, all you will find is a single civilian and a marker or two.

  • Sure, it's not totally random (and thus nonsensical - again, hopefully). Instead think of recipes or something.

  • Also teamswitch is on, so once you die, you may just play another guy from your squad. Though beware: don't teamswitch if the character you're leaving is still alive, unless you switch to the squad leader, or the left unit will be stuck.

  • I've recorded lot's of radio-voices with many different text to speech generators, and some manual adjustments to them (hopefully for the better) ... Well, if anyone wants to voice a character.. just send me the files. You may as well improvise and record something else.. my storytelling isn't good anyway...

  • Installation:
    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead\Missions folder.

    Note to interessted mission designers:
    Maybe you're not so much interessted in the mission itself, but in the RUBE package, which offers various little things and stuff, like:`
    • the RUBE AI FSM collection with RUBE_AI_taskHunt, RUBE_AI_taskLead, RUBE_AI_taskPatrol, RUBE_AI_waitingInTheWings, RUBE_AI_EXTERMINATE, RUBE_AI_escapeOnAlarm, RUBE_AI_garrisonBuilding, RUBE_AI_surrenderEscortTo, RUBE_AI_hangOut, RUBE_AI_guardBuilding, RUBE_AI_seizePosition, RUBE_AI_evacuate, RUBE_AI_route, ...

    • a collection of functions, for example a working routefinder/-plotter, some terrain analysis, or lots of handy wrapper- and helper functions...

    • a set of world functions (for chernarus, utes and takistan only) implementing: RUBE_WORLD_isTree, RUBE_WORLD_isBush, RUBE_WORLD_isPlant, RUBE_WORLD_isStone, RUBE_WORLD_isRoad, RUBE_WORLD_isRunway and RUBE_WORLD_isPond for objects without classes.

    • or maybe you like the house-burning fsm or the cam scripts...

    While lots of this is more of an experimental nature and other things are simply not finished at all..., feel free to use anything for your own purposes (most things should be commented well enough and examples are given in this mission).

    - removed scripted fog that vanishes after the first task (move into position) has been completed
    - enabled RUBE weather module instead
    - actually use core and common definitions from the RUBE library (i.e. removed dialogCore.hpp, dialogCommon.hpp, dialogRubeSplash*.*, ...)
    - cam-script follow, stutter-fix (has been fixed in the RUBE library at some point - as if I remember, muahaha - but never updated this mission since...)

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