Multi-Session Operations gamemode updated

highead informed us about the release of a major update of the reality-based persistent gamemode Multi-Session Operations on BI forums.

    Quote highead :
    Multi Session Operations is a modular mission framework. Essentially it is a collection of scripts that create a persistent, living scenario in which the player operates. Unlike regular missions that have pre-scripted objectives, MSO procedurally generates enemy forces that are unpredictable and (semi) random. Players have to think beyond the mere tactical level and build up the intelligence picture, carrying out recce patrols to identify enemy locations and conduct deliberate attacks to neutralise them. Everything is persistent, including equipment, ammo, vehicles and even player lives. MSO is designed specifically for Dedicated Server use.

    Focus of 4.55 was performance and stability again:
    • Various bugfixes and performance improvements
    • Reduces red chain/desync
    • Performance improvements on long term sessions
    • Minimizes script lag
    • Better enemy creation and dispersion
    • Compatibility with GBL AIM (Adv. Interaction Module)
    • Manual persist (PDB)
    • GPS Guided Logistics-drop

    This is probably our last official release for the common MSO framework 3.x - 4.x, because we are working on a project that we internally call "MSO Next Generation". Without telling too many stories, our team is moving towards new shores and we are eager to provide you with a prototype in the upcoming months!

Written on 2013-01-03 15:54 by Big  

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