Author: Gnat
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Requirements: Community Base Addons, GLT Missilebox

Version: 1.0
Signed: Yes

Short description: Beta 2 for ArmAII/OA by Gnat

Date: 2011-02-06 21:11

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Tu22M3 Backfire


Original OFP addon by Footmunch, converted and modified to ArmAII from OFP by Gnat with permissions.
Various changes including refining the 3D model, merging some textures, adding animations, adding damage textures, adding wreck model etc etc

  • Uses XEH (CBA Extended Event Handlers)
  • Uses latest version of Mykes Missilebox addon
  • GPS/INS bombing or strike possible
  • 2 seater, pilot, gunner
  • 2 colour schemes
  • Customisable roundels, 3 nationalities.
  • Multi source textures into merged format
  • AI have significantly improved strike/evasion skills
  • Damage model and Textures
  • Countermeasures
  • Unarmed universal version available
  • Includes demo SP mission

  • Installation:
    As we always recommend use modfolders to seperate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems.
    For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.

    Place the included SP demo mission in your ArmA2/Missions folder.

    Included .pbo files:

    AI Anti-Dive Bomb:
    The Fired EH us used to get AI to break off their death-diveat targets. Plane will either break left or right, or accelerate away. No parameters for users.

    Fly Height:
    Can be used to regulate AI pilot flying heights. example;
    _plane animate ["flyheight",0.26];
    0.26 = 260 meters
    e.g. For AI flying around mountains, in the INIT field;
    this flyInHeight 320; this animate ["flyheight",0.32];

    [_plane] execvm "\rkttu22m3\scr\skin1.sqf";
    skin1 is Russian
    skin2 is Takistan
    skin3 is Ukranian

    >> OPFOR <<
    Tu-22m3 Anti-Ship - "RKTTU22M3A"
    Armed with: 3xKh22 (includes GPS/INS guidance)

    Tu-22m3 Precision Attack - "RKTTU22M3B"
    Armed with: 5xKAB1500 8xKAB500 8xKAB250

    Tu-22m3 Area Attack - "RKTTU22M3C"
    Armed with: 24xFAB500 36xFAB250

    Tu-22m3 Precision Strike - "RKTTU22M3D"
    Armed with: 6xKh15 2xKh31 (includes GPS/INS guidance)

    Tu-22m3 - "RKTTU22M3U"
    Armed with: fakeweapon (Empty for custom loadouts)

    >> Takistan <<
    Tu-22m3 Area Attack - "RKTTU22M3E"
    Armed with: 24xFAB500 36xFAB250

    >> Wreck

    MP Compatible? Should be.
    Signature Key Included, Server key at OPFEC.

    Future changes:
    - Cockpit instruments
    - More textures
    - Fix wheel well miss
    - Fix bomb bay size
    - Rear gun turret, maybe
    - and other stuff, maybe

    Known issues:
    - AI can't hit anything with Free Fall Bombs, Bug with current release of Missilebox. Wait for an update.
    - Gunner can't see inside cockpit
    - Plane invisible or got weird texture. Not a bug! You must not be running CBA XEH mod.

    Credits & thanks:
    Big thanks to Myke for tweaking his Missilebox
    Original by Footmunch
    Thanks to those who answered my various script, config and O2 questions too.

    Beta 2
    - Current ArmAII/OA release

    Version 1
    - Footmunchs original OFP version

    Forum topic:
    BI Forums

    - Community Base Addons
    - GLT Missilebox

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