Beta 2 of the Tu22M3 Backfire bomber by Gnat released
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Gnat released a new plane, the Tu22M3 Backfire bomber, on the BI forums.

    - Original by Footmunch!
    - Uses XEH (CBA Extended Event Handlers)
    - Uses latest version of Mykes Missilebox addon
    - GPS/INS bombing or strike possible
    - 2 seater, pilot, gunner
    - 2 colour schemes
    - Customisable roundels, 3 nationalities.
    - Multi source textures into merged format
    - AI have significantly improved strike/evasion skills
    - Damage model and Textures
    - Countermeasures
    - Unarmed universal version available
    - Includes demo SP mission

Written on 2011-02-06 21:19 by Gnat  

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