Mission pack : Ghost Recon: Island Thunder by Lightspeed updated

Lightspeed has released an updated version of his Ghost Recon: Island Thunder mission pack which includes 8 missions and is playable on coop on the BI forums.

    Quote Lightspeed :
    I modded GR missions and campaigns for about 4 years until I discovered Arma2 and realised where the future of GR lay. This is my attempt to recreate the GR-feel in Arma2, and I have recreated the complete Island Thunder campaign on Icebreaker's Lingor Island.

    • General bug fixing
    • 9 players (from 7 before)
    • Improved Revive (more realistic) - with option to increase lives in parameters.
    • Weapons selection - either from vehicles during insertion or box on the ground.
    • Mission tweaks to increase replayability and enhance the experience.

    The SP version is coming soon!

Written on 2011-03-16 21:21 by Big  

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