ArmA2 Script Compiler by Bomba
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Bomba released version 0.1 of his ArmA2 Script Compiler on the BI forums.

    Quote Bomba :
    Standalone script compiler/syntax checker for ArmA2.
    The solution is designed as standalone script compiler/syntax checker for ArmA2.
    This is partial syntax checker, so it not cover checking all function arguments and arguments types;

    Allowed file types: .sqf, .fsm
    FSM path tracing - all avaible paths routing and script checking.
    FSM extract script definition and check it as regular .sqf and check in common context of FSM file;

    Checked warnings and errors:
    * Possible Perfomance Degradade
    * Out Of Function Scope Variable Declaration
    * Assigment To Reserved Variable Name,
    * Not declared as Private Var
    * Duplicate declaration as Private Var
    * Declared as private but never Used

    * Variable used but not have assign prior
    * Invalid Array ElementType for some operations
    * Command Invalid Argument,
    * Missing Separator

    * FsmMissedProperty,
    * FsmMissedClass,
    * FsmInvalidValueType

ArmA2 Script Compiler v0.1

Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
PowerShell 2.0 (required to launch an example)

Written on 2011-02-26 22:33 by Foxhound  

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