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Baraka informed us a new version of the cal.68 Mod was released by Mr Burns on the BI forums.
With this mod you can turn your game in a paintball match game aimed mainly at multiplayer.

Changes in version 1.1:
  • added: colored hit cloudlets
  • fixed: ugly dirt cloudlets
  • fixed: unit rvmats (wounds)
  • fixed: bad updating baseclass .rpt message in OA
  • improved: objects config
  • improved: removed cartridge sound
  • change: put fancy readme on revision

    • Quote Mr Burns :
      This mod has been in the making since the mid of 2009, with many ons and offs, but finally Baraka and i can present you the cal.68 Mod in a very playable state. It is not finished, and were still fighting some quirks, so please excuse any glitches. We´ll do our best to keep on improving the mod.
      That being said, our first MP tests haven´t shown any severe errors that could stop you from plaing a nice match of paintball.

      With the download of cal.68 Mod for ArmA2 you´re now able to turn your favourite wargame into a family friendly sports-simulator.
      This mod is primarily catered for MP use and most of it´s functions depend on the unit shooting you being another player in an MP environment. If one or both conditions aren´t met, you won´t see special effects or functionalities.

        * 2 SupAir objects sets
        * and various other furniture objects
        * 7 Paintball markers
        * 4 Paintball players and 1 referee
        * 6 sorts of paintballs
        * 4 protectional masks
        * 4 MP Missions
        * custom damage handling
        * custom hit fx in 1st person view
        * custom sound fx
        * ..and probably alot of fun if you like Paintball!

    Written on 2011-03-01 20:03 by Foxhound  

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