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Version: 1.0

Date: 2007-05-26 04:19

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Operation Archangel

A convoy is leaving the US airbase and heading towards another US military installation southwest of Somato.

  • US forces must escort and ensure the safe arrival of the convoy at the second base. Reports have indicated heavy enemy activities in the sector.
  • SLA forces must intercept and destroy the convoy.

  • The convoy consists of 8 vehicles (2 Humvees, 4 Strykers, 2 M1A1s).
  • The route the convoy takes is marked with dots on the map.
  • IF at least 1 vehicle makes it through, US wins.
  • SLA wins when ALL convoy vehicles are destroyed. *Make sure to kill the vehicle when it takes damage and the crew bails out. Its still considered 'alive' without the crew*
  • Respawn locations can be selected when you die, and delay is set to 20 seconds.

Just extract to your ...ArmA\MPmissions folder.

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