Armarize by Nilmerg updated

Nilmerg informed us he released an updated version of his Armarize tool on the Armarize website.
This tool will take care about almost everything so you can just play the game.

    Quote Nilmerg :
    What has been requested the first time two days after the initial release, the last time nine months ago and announced six months ago is finally there... Custom rsync repositories! Well, the trained eye realises immediately that this is not the full truth as zsync is still not supported, but the groundwork has now (finally) been done. Another feature that is waiting on the way to the final version are server presets, which will also make custom repositories a bit more straightforward for users than they are right now. (Please refer to the FAQ for more information.)

    The feature that made this actually possible are the advanced configuration options. This enables users to customise Armarize in such a way that it can even act fully autonomously. (Do not worry, that does not mean that I will stop developing/maintaining Armarize in the near future.) Most of those options are uninteresting for the normal user but since it is now possible to edit the details of every single modification someone might cause Armarize to handle specific modifications a bit different. Due to the import/export functionality users can even share their configuration with others!

    Continuing with a feature that improves the flexibility of Armarize it is now possible to make it behave as a portable application. Just create a directory named "settings" in its installation path and move any already existing content of its appdata-path in this directory. Advanced configuration options should behave the same way (by creating a "config" directory) but that is currently not working as I just discovered the first bug of this version.

    • Feature: Added support for zsync repositories.
    • Bugfix: Configuration files are not correctly loaded when in portable mode.
    • Bugfix: Crash when activating a server in the browser after uninstalling a non-network modification.
    • Bugfix: ArmA3 multiplayer servers cannot be joined due to false positives when validating gameversion equality.
    • Improvement: Updated translations.
    • Improvement: Portable mode needs to be confirmed by the user now.
    • Change: The package property "rsync_path" now behaves as stated in the readme file.
    • Change: A modification from a non-official network can now replace one from the official network.
    • Change: Modification files are now analyzed based on their md5 checksum instead of their last modification time.

Written on 2013-10-20 13:01 by Nilmerg  

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