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Version: 0.4

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Date: 2007-05-28 10:52

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Armed Assault 6thsense Website
6thSense Network Services "Lite"

This scripting package is a (very) basic implementation of a solution for executing code sent over the network.
Basicly, you can execute code on all clients, on only the server or on all clients+server.
Only executing code on 1 specific client is not (yet) built in.
Idea based on the CoC Network Services for OFP.

Now expanded with 6thSenseMod function library!

Project Status:

Please look at the different Module Folders, in each of them is a Docs folder with Readme regarding the Module.

Change log:

  • Added six_fTxRadio and fRxRadio (Thanks to Vipermaul for giving me the idea!)
  • Added 1 Demo Mission simply displaying the application of the six_fTxRadio function
  • Packed as a WinRAR Archive
  • Now available with SIX_Base Functions
  • Removed While-in-While loops, not needed anymore
  • More robust execute thread… no more stops working when wrong commands/strings were broadcasted
  • Added the while-in-while trick to make the receive loops: 10.000x10.000 long, as while-loops terminate after 10.000 cycles. Ideas from BIS forums threads.
  • Added onMapSingleClick features for moving units to a certain position based on player onmapsingleclick.
  • Changed init.SQS to init.SQF, thanks to Raedor for letting me know
  • Added six_init variable
  • Initial version

Addition of isServerClient Better implementation of isPlay, as it is based on the same as isClient for now.
Some sort of client identification method, similair to the channels in CoC_ns, so you would be able to only execute code on (a) certain client(s).

Additional Info:
For a complete "How to" you should visit this page:
- 6thSense Wiki.

BIS Forums topic:
- Link.

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