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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.3
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: The 1S91 Radar (NATO Name "Straight Flush") can be used with the SA6 SAM system addon.

Date: 2011-11-07 09:05

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1S91 Fire Control Radar

brownmab53 ported to Arma 2 by hcpookie

The 1S91 Radar (NATO Name "Straight Flush") can be used with the SA6 SAM system addon. The real 1S91 uses active targeting radar and has an optional backup television targeting system that provides optional passive radar tracking and backup targeting guidance. It provides targeting capability to an entire SA6 SAM battery.

The addon uses a laser designator to simulate the targeting capabilities and does not "slave" to in-game SAM units.

Original model is based off of the ZSU chassis; therefore the model is not as authentic as it could be, were a new chassis to be built. A new chassis would simply require new textures and polys for the hatch positions.

Included are the 1S91 Radar units with proper crew members for:
    - BLUFOR: CDF // 1S91_CDF
    - OPFOR: Russian // 1S91_FCR
    - OPFOR: Takistan Army // 1S91_TAK
    - Independent (Guerilla): CDF // 1S91_CDF_IND
    - Independent (Guerilla): NAPA // 1S91_NAPA

- The units are found under "Armor".
- Only one texture set - all units are in basic matte green.
- Gunner view has 3 zoom settings.
- Vehicle contains smoke countermeasures (default key "R" to use).
- Vehicle has transport cargo contents for infantry rearming.
- Moving main turret does not make engine turn on.

As we always recommend use modfolders to seperate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems. For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.

When you are using the Steam version you can find a Steam mod installation and activation FAQ here.

Included files:

MLOD is also available from here.

Usage / Classnames:
The unit can simulate in-game SAM guidance radar capability. To use in a mission, add a trigger to the units to model destruction of the guidance radar. Since the in-game SA6 units do not depend on a guidance radar unit, a trigger may be added to the SA6 units that checks if the radar is alive. When the radar is destroyed, the trigger sets the SA6 combat mode to "BLUE" (aka "never fire"). For example with a 1S91 unit named "radar1":
?!(alive "radar1"):this setCombatMode "BLUE";
This is an easy way to simulate a dependency on this vehicle. Alternatice simulation is found in the Mando Missile addon's SAM targeting feature. If there are other ideas to configure radar units please let me know!

The units are found under "Armor" in the editor.

Flag / Country / Squad Logos::
The decal2 textures by default has the flag textures. If you wish to use no logo/flag at all, simply insert the following in the vehicles init in the editor:
this setObjectTexture [7, "1s91_fcr\data\clear_empty.paa"];
This will use the "empty" texture for the insignia. If you wish to use a custom logo, new country flag, etc. then use this instead:
this setObjectTexture [7, "your_custom_logo_name.paa"];
This should allow some flexibility for use by different squads or simulation of different countries (without changing the units). I am open to releasing additional country units if custom textures are provided!
The rear texture can use number logos, etc. by using the following:
this setObjectTexture [6, "your_logo_name.paa"];
Reskins for different camo patterns can use the following:
this setObjectTexture [0, "your_camo_texture.paa"];
this setObjectTexture [1, "your_front_texture.paa"];
this setObjectTexture [2, "your_turret_base_and_track_texture.paa"];
this setObjectTexture [3, "your_rotatingturret_texture.paa"];
this setObjectTexture [4, "your_main_radar_texture.paa"];
this setObjectTexture [5, "your_upper_radar_texture.paa"];

To do:
This is "feature complete" unless bugs are found.
Possible future considerations:
- Add driver turn-out view
- Add additional texture sets
- Add proper chassis feature / hatch positions / textures

Credits & Thanks:
Original 1S91 model by brownmab53
Port to Arma2 by hcpookie - e-mail:

Use this addon at your own risk. I take no responsibility for loss of data or damage to your system that may be caused by installation of this Addon.

This Addon is prohibited from commercial/military/non-recreational use without written authorization by the author.

This mod uses the Arma1 P3D model that brownmab53 released to the community. Therefore, feel free to build on this mod as you see fit but be sure to give him credit for the model!

- Addon now signed using the v2 keys (included). v1 key is no longer used!
- ADDED: Deployable camo nets.
- ADDED: Units for BIS factions TK_GUE, TK_INS, CHDKZ. All default BIS factions are now represented.
- FIXED: Texture Sets for INS/GUE reversed.
- FIXED: Enhanced view distances.

- ADDED: Texture sets for all factions
- ADDED: CDF Independent/Guerilla side faction
- ADDED: Basic shadow LOD
- ADDED: Transport Cargo inventory
- FIXED: Thermal map
- FIXED: Crew Getin / Getout positions
- FIXED: Some texture issues
- FIXED: Some model issues
- FIXED: Optimized LOD view distances
- FIXED: Reduced longer view distance poly count for better performance

- Recommend use of Mando Missile addon's SAM targeting feature!!!
- New Weapon "1s91_TGT_Laserdesignator" can now target air targets. Previous use of the default Laserdesignator prevented air target locks.
- Scan range improvements: Currently set to 28km, which is when real-life tracking radar engages. In-game target identification at ~ 4km; tracking out to ~ 9.5km; target locks are lost after that.
- FIXED: CDF soldier crew added to CDF radar
- ADDED: Takistan desert textures
- FIXED: Map Icon working correctly
- FIXED: Renamed Russian unit from "1S91" to "1S91_FCR" to fix compatibility issue with Iran army mod

- The limitations of the Arma2 AA Missile system has no "hand-off" capability. The best way to model a SAM battery is for mission editors to use a trigger to simulate the destruction of the 1S91 FCR in a SAM battery.
- Main "gun" targeting laser cannot be slaved to AA radar units.
- Current LOD mapping distance is short; view distance settings could be improved.
- Threat detection distances are shorter than real world.
- In-game map icon is blank (editor icon works fine)

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