1S91 Fire Control Radar for Arma 2 updated
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hcpookie released an updated version of the 1S91 Fire Control Radar addon on the BI Forums.
The original model of the 1S91 was made by brownmab53 for Armed Assault.

    Quote hcpookie :
    To compliment the SA6 mod! Original 1S91 model by brownmab53.

    The 1S91 Radar (NATO Name "Straight Flush") can be used with the SA6 SAM system addon. The real 1S91 uses active targeting radar and has an optional backup television targeting system that provides optional passive radar tracking and backup targeting guidance. It provides targeting capability to an entire SA6 SAM battery. The addon uses the laser designator to simulate the targeting capabilities and does not "slave" to in-game SAM units.

    • Added:
        - Deployable camo nets.
        - Units for BIS factions TK_GUE, TK_INS, CHDKZ. All default BIS factions are now represented.
    • Fixed:
        - Texture Sets for INS/GUE reversed.
        - Enhanced view distances.
    • Addon now signed using the v2 keys (included). v1 key is no longer used!

Written on 2011-11-07 09:02 by hcpookie  

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