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Requirements: No addons required
Island(s): Proving Grounds
Playable options: N/A

Version: 1.0

Date: 2011-04-11 15:02

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Behind European Lines


In a fictional war between the EU and US, an American UH-60 has gone down behind enemy lines. Can you save the save the pilot from the local German and Czech forces?

Mission Summary:
  • The UH-60 has crashed in a random position in the south-east area of the map. The rescue team starts in a camp to the north-west.
  • Czech and German bases exist in the area -- these bases will send out various patrols to either seek out the chopper, intercept the pilot, or to rapidly respond to any firefights.
  • If a human is playing as the pilot, the pilot must return alive to the north-western camp, preferably with the help of the rescue team.
  • The pilot can guide the rescue team, which saves time, but the mission will fail if he dies.
  • If no human is playing as pilot, the pilot doesn't exist. The rescue team must instead inspect the chopper wreckage. This means there is no risk of the pilot being killed, but the wreckage isn't always easy to find.

  • Features:
    Player-selectable options for varying difficulty:
    • Enemy Forces. Choose from tiny, small, medium and large. Larger enemy forces will have more men in each infantry squad, and will possibly have extra vehicular and armoured units.
    • Respawn. The rescue team, by default, has unlimited respawns. You can limit the number of causalities for increased difficulty. Set to zero for maximum challenge -- no-one can die!
    • Basic Weapons. Enabling this feature removes those "powerful" weapons -- .50 cal sniper rifles, machine-guns with scopes, assault rifles bristling with attachments. You can also disable weapons with thermal sights.
    • No Nightvision. By turning off nightvision, you can force players to use the environment's light. Set the environment to "moonless night" to encourage the use of flashlights.
    • Limited Weapons. Whatever weapons you allowed, there won't be many of anything but the basic rifles. This way, not everyone can take a sniper rifle!
    • Bonus Objectives. Turn these on to add two optional objectives that involve entering the enemy bases.

    • Random chopper crash location with each replay.
    • Patrolling enemies have randomised waypoints, and depart from the base at random times.
    • Enemy squad sizes vary with randomness. Sometimes the squad may not exist at all.
    • Enemies carry random weapons appropriate to their nation (Germany, Czech Republic).
    • Very low-probability "surprise units" across the map, including snipers and camouflaged machine gun nests. Keep your eyes open!

    Variable weather/time settings. Choose from:
    • sunny midday
    • foggy dawn
    • snowy morning
    • clear moonlit night
    • clear moonless night

    Miscellaneous features:
    • Set on the "Proving Grounds" map. A nice, small map which may assist those with less-capable machines. (The "Proving Grounds" map is part of the PMC expansion, but is available to anyone with just Operation Arrowhead.)
    • Server-selectable grass detail option.

    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead\MPMissions folder.

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