PvP Animation replacement/enhancement pack updated
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Smookie released a new build of his PvP Animation replacement/enhancement pack on the BI forums.

    Quote Smookie :
    As promised we are releasing yet another version of the animation mod (we feels weird;), but Reezo has done an awesome job putting scripts together and doing tons of tests on the pack as well as gave pack of interesting ideas that he well deserves the credit not less than I do for the whole work). Due to lack of time however, this is a Release Candidate version as it will contain some new bugs, hopefully fixing the old ones. It does NOT contain new calibration missions so please scrim through controls in the readme or on the wiki page @dev-heaven to get an idea of what and when to press (For instance climbing over obstacle will trigger only when close to a climbable fence and back to wall will work with most of chernarussian/takistani buildings and fences however it might fail to work at custom islands). Refer to Reezos highlights video for more information.

    v0.25 RC1 comes out as a two-addon pack wihtout any new missions, adding new feature to the modification - long awaited scripts. The anim manager, as we like to call it, controls which animations can be played and when, as well as facilitates the use of some of the controls. The latter part is however experimental and might chance with RC2 about to happen in the beginning of July. Please let us know what you think of the changes at our project website as well as on the BIS official forums.

Written on 2011-06-26 22:03 by Armaholic  

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