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Version: 1.1

Date: 2007-06-05 17:46

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Cross that Line

At 21:37 one of our humanitarian aid transport choppers has crash landed. Our mission is to locate the wreck and recover the black box so we can determine the cause. The chopper was transporting the son of a well respected diplomat; Officer Papp Hruschov. We would like to hope he is still alive. It is our duty and it is in our best interest to locate and escort Papp Hruschov to safety.

NOTE: Our presence isn't welcome by the civilians so you are free to engage any armed units. * DO NOT HARM UNARMED CIVILIANS *


  • Primary Objective: To recover the black box from the crash site, search within Hd55-Hh58.
  • Primary Objective: Search the immediate area of the crash site to locate Officer Papp Hruschov.
  • Secondary Objective: Eliminate the enemy officers at their HQ.
  • Secondary Objective: Set up to ambush the enemy reinforcements here; advancing from the East to the AO.
  • Move to extraction. when the two primary objectives have been completed to end the mission.

Just extract to your ...ArmA\MPmissions folder.

Change log:
  • Small fixes

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