SPY bStats Updated
Editing and Scripts

Spyder submitted version of his SPY Battle Statistics script suite.
SPY bStats is a mission script suite to determine what caused the player' death. From here, by default, the players score is stored and kept persistent mission side.

    Quote Spyder :
    Getting deployed has kept me pretty busy. I have been able to use my downtime to continue my work on bStats as well as the ArmA Live site. There is a large list of changes in the version. The most notable would be that weapon detection is now at 100%. That means that weapon statistics will be extremely accurate. This will be used later on to bring unit detection to the same level.

    ALS has also seen changes. View the changes to ALS at If you are interested in implementing bStats and ALS with your mission/server feel check out the included readme.

    • Weapon (Handheld) Used is Sometimes Not Displayed
    • Player Not Awarded Kill If Dead
    • Vehicle Kill (Damage, From Vehicle With Crew) Not Awarded
    • Valhalla: TS3 Funds Modifer Working Intermittently
    • Vehicle TK Awarded After Friendly Takeover
    • Entering Vehicles Created Locality Issue Breaking Vehicle Kills
    • Team Kill Working Intermittently
    • Sidearm Not Working in Player Loadout
    • damagingUnit Kills Broken
    • ArmA 2 HMMWV Return as Motorcycle in Display Name
    • Roadkill Not Registering if Vehicle Moving Backwards
    • Killer Not Award Kills (Damage) From Vehicle Crew
    • Weapons With Very High Rate of Fire Don't Store Correct Rounds Fired
    • A/C Crash With Passengers Doesn't Return A/C Crash
    • Vehicle TK (Damage) Was Not Updating Score In Game
    • Ensure reviewKill and reviewVehKill Scripts Terminate
    • Secondary Explosion Would Trigger reviewVehicleHit
    • Allow Servers to Disable Event Messages
    • Enable/Disable ROE Violation System in Mission Settings
    • Decrease Ranking Change Messages
    • Use Settings Number for Side Balance
    • Automate Vehicle Init
    • Allow Disabling of Scoreboard
    • Implement/ Improve vMission
    • Optimize Unit Weapon Detection by With Ammo Used
    • Move bStats Settings to serverSettings
    • Implment Quick Speed Fix For getWeapon
    • Improve Roadkill Detection

SPY Battle Statistics v1.1.5.568

JDAM Multiplayer Code Broadcast (included)
JDAM Functions (included)
MHJ ArmA 2 Uplink (included)

Written on 2012-02-02 09:35 by Foxhound  

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