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Requirements: JDAM Multiplayer Code Broadcast, JDAM Functions, MHJ ArmA 2 Uplink


Short description: SPY bStats is a mission script suite designed to utilize BIS event handlers and then run them through a series of checks to determine what caused the player' death.

Date: 2012-02-02 09:34

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SPY Battle Statistics


SPY bStats is a mission script suite designed to utilize BIS event handlers and then run them through a series of checks to determine what caused the player' death. From here, by default, the players score is stored and kept persistent mission side (for that mission only).

Server administrators can then install ArmA 2 Uplink with the bStats module. This allows the server to store the data per event (an example is when a player dies, +1 death is immediately sent) on a local database. Later on, servers on the "official server" list will be able to send the data from its local database to the master server. Stats are collected here and added together.

  • Mission persistent (stats are saved during the mission)
  • Vehicle side tracking (get in enemy vehicle and it now belongs to your side)
  • Multiplayer score board ("I" by default)
  • PVP only (unarmed civilians can be AI)
  • Damage tracking (if player dies of bloodloss/ tapout damaging unit will recieve kill)
  • Damage inheritance (players inside destroyed vehicle are killed by the killer of that vehicle)
  • Vehicle and Weapon display function for shortened messages
  • Supports mods
  • Punish system (ROE violations)
  • Join Messages
  • Easy mission installation

  • Tracked Events:
  • Kills
  • Deaths
  • Suicides
  • Team Kills
  • Vehicle Kills
  • Kill Assists
  • Aircraft Crashes
  • Civilian Casualties
  • Road Kills
  • Friendly Damage
  • Civilian Damage
  • Transportation
  • Side Kills & Deaths
  • Weapon Info [Shots Fired, Head Hits, Body Hits, Arm Hits, Leg Hits, Vehicle Hits]
  • Vehicle Info [Shots Fired, Head Hits, Body Hits, Arm Hits, Leg Hits, Vehicle Hits]

  • Installation / Usage:
    1. Copy your init.sqf into the included init.sqf to ensure your script complies with SPY IAC (Init and Compile) method.
    2. Add this to your description.ext
    #include "SPY\SPY_bStats\score\DFS_bStatsDlg.hpp"
    3. Copy the SPY, MHJ, and JDAM folders into you mission folder
    4. Add this line directly to all your vehicle's init lines or into a vehicle respawn script of your choice
    _null = [this, side] execVM "SPY\SPY_bStats\init\SPY_initVehicle.sqf";
    (accepted sides are west and east)
    _null = [this, side] spawn SPY_initVehicle;
    (if included in respawn script, and you know what you are doing)
    5. Add this line to any civilian's init line or their spawning script (ALICE is not supported by default)
    _null = [this] execVM "SPY\SPY_bStats\SPY_initAI.sqf";
    (AI only)


    Credits & Thanks:
    Mahuja - ArmA 2 Uplink, ArmA Live Statistics (Database), ArmA Script Instruction, Testing
    Goschie - ArmA Script Instruction, Scripting Suggestions
    Hooves - Testing, Feature Suggestions, & Public Relations
    Dragon - Testing
    Dinky - ArmA Live Statistics (Website Features)
    VMA - Testing
    Deadfast - Created Score Dialog
    Dr Eyeball - Scripting Suggestions
    Squint (sbsmac) - Error Checking
    Ugly58 - Feature Suggestions
    All the unnamed testers

    - Weapon (Handheld) Used is Sometimes Not Displayed
    - Player Not Awarded Kill If Dead
    - Vehicle Kill (Damage, From Vehicle With Crew) Not Awarded
    - Valhalla: TS3 Funds Modifer Working Intermittently
    - Vehicle TK Awarded After Friendly Takeover
    - Entering Vehicles Created Locality Issue Breaking Vehicle Kills
    - Team Kill Working Intermittently
    - Sidearm Not Working in Player Loadout
    - damagingUnit Kills Broken
    - ArmA 2 HMMWV Return as Motorcycle in Display Name
    - Roadkill Not Registering if Vehicle Moving Backwards
    - Killer Not Award Kills (Damage) From Vehicle Crew
    - Weapons With Very High Rate of Fire Don't Store Correct Rounds Fired
    - A/C Crash With Passengers Doesn't Return A/C Crash
    - Vehicle TK (Damage) Was Not Updating Score In Game
    - Ensure reviewKill and reviewVehKill Scripts Terminate
    - Secondary Explosion Would Trigger reviewVehicleHit
    - Allow Servers to Disable Event Messages
    - Enable/Disable ROE Violation System in Mission Settings
    - Decrease Ranking Change Messages
    - Use Settings Number for Side Balance
    - Automate Vehicle Init
    - Allow Disabling of Scoreboard
    - Implement/ Improve vMission
    - Optimize Unit Weapon Detection by With Ammo Used
    - Move bStats Settings to serverSettings
    - Implment Quick Speed Fix For getWeapon
    - mprove Roadkill Detection

    - Scoreboard Lags With Large Amounts of Players
    - Vehicle TK Emits "any" to A2U
    - Vehicle Kill Occures as Teamkill
    - Valhalla: Weapon Used Displayed in Vehicle Teamkill
    - Aircraft Crash From Bad Parachute Landing
    - Kill Assist Being Awarded to Player Multiple Times
    - Scoreboard Not Showing Information
    - Crew Kills May Not Return Properly In Some Cases
    - Vehicle Side Not Reset When Stealing Enemy Vehicle
    - Eventhandler (Local to Server) Will Not Fire if Client Enters Vehicle
    - Kill Assist / Damaging Unit Could Be in Killed Vehicle Crew
    - Valhalla: Knife Kill Should Be Base Award Multiplied by 3
    - AI Events Not Executing
    - Optimize Kill Assist Over Network
    - CEH_vehEnterExit Removes All Fired Event Handlers
    - Valhalla: Add Teamspeak Award Bonus in Valhalla
    - Valhalla: Replace Side Kill Scores With Valhalla Side Scores
    - Kill Assist Messages Should Display to Awarded Unit Only
    - Send ROE Flags to A2U
    - nly Display Trans Messsage to Pilot/Driver

    - JDAM Multiplayer Code Broadcast (included)
    - JDAM Functions (included)
    - MHJ ArmA 2 Uplink (included)

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