Author: ffur2007slx2_5
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Requirements: Arma 2, ARMA 2: CO / OA / RF Patch 1.60 RC

Version: 1.11

Short description: This is a kinda of function which can automatically generate random civilian vehicles at random places on the official maps.

Date: 2011-12-09 16:46

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Traffic Transportation System (TTS)


Hi everyone, I'm honored to announce the update of my script function-Traffic transportation system (TTS) v1.08, this is a kinda of function which can automatically generate random civilian vehicles at random places on the official maps. The destination of these generated vehicles are randomly selected and they will always move from one place to another, so that means the route of every vehicle is different. The drivers are also randomly selected, further more, player can custom the refresh diameter which means the damaged vehicles will be respawned when it is out of the custom diameter, damaged vehicles will be deleted so you do not need to worry the function is cpu-unfriendly. By the way, you also don't need to worry about the traffic jam due to the game engine disadvantage. The function will check the stuttered vehicles and respawn them automatically, so you can always see there will be quite a lot of vehicles moving on the road without worrying the number decrease due to combat exhaustion.
Conservation system and T72 turret destroying function now have been combined into this function in this version, v1.08 will be available on Utes, Desert_E, ProvingGround, Shapur and Zarbagad (lite). Enjoy yourself and any bug reports are welcome, any suggestions or ideas are appreciated. I'll release the updated version every week.
Conversation System: This is the script which is included in TTS, function will be activated once you approach a friendly unit who is releasing, then the conversation will began randomly, you will talk about the latest news happened currently thanks to the conversation system is updated everyday.
Next version will be available on Zargabad (Full).

*Endless vehicles drivering on the whole map.
*Random vehicles.
*Random drivers.
*Perfectly combined with official script modules.(Optional)
*No addons, can be used in any missions easily. (for CO users)
*Airport transportaion Sustem.
*function for Desert_E, Proving Grounds, Shapur, Zargabad and Takistan (Beta).
*GTA system (Coming later).
*Up to date conversation system.
*cpu friendly.
*Automatic checking system.
*T72 turret destorying effect.(Optional)Version: v1.00

Installation / Usage:
Unpack the archive, move the folder fnc_traffic directly to your mission folder. Next reload your mission and put such code into your unit's init bar:
fnc = [50] execVM "fnc_traffic\WCRffsx_fnc_Traffic.sqf";

  • TTS for Takistan (Mid density).

  • v1.10
  • TTS for Takistan (Beta)

  • v1.09
  • TTS for Zargabad (Mid Density).
  • Removed unnecessary screen texts and SecOps. Pure version, no damage to user scenario editing.

  • v1.08
  • Updated: TTS for Shapur (Full).
  • Updated: Conversation system.
  • Add: TTS for Zargabad (lite).

  • v1.06
  • Add: TTS for ProvingGround.
  • Add: TTS for Shapur
  • Updated: Conversation system.

  • v1.05
  • Add: TTS for Desert_E
  • Add: Conversation system updated

  • v1.03
  • Improved: Diary Record.
  • Add: T72 turret destorying effect added into this system.

  • v1.02
  • Add: Function Introduction.
  • Add: Civil Aircraft respawn system.

  • v1.01
  • Add: Air traffic transportation system in daytime on Utes.
  • Add: Civil aircrafts stop in the airport at night.

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