ARMA 3 ingame scenes and gameplay-E3 2011 BIS presentation

The E3 2011 Gamespot LiveCam visitted the Bohemia Interactive stand on the E3 to view Arma 3 in action and get some more background info.
Ivan Buchta made a nice Arma 3 presentation showing some of the new features which will be introduced with Arma 3.
This presentation was streamed live on the E3 2011 LiveCam Tour 1, Day 2 and for those who missed it and wish to jump straight into the presentation PurePassion was so kind to record it and upload it to youtube.

    Quote PurePassion :
    This is the actual Behind-closed-doors presentation of Arma 3 from BIS at E3 2011.
    I really want to thank Ivan and the whole BIS crew for letting us have this amazing peek at Arma 3. I also want to thank the crew from Gamespot for making our dream come true.
    And the best for the last: The Arma Community! Thanks to everyone for posting requests and everything, which basically made all this possible.

    If you like what you see check out Arma 3's official homepage, the Arma 3 youtube channel and the Arma 3 facebookpage

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When you choose to view the E3 live stream and skip to 02:10 you will also see the E3 presentation of the much anticipated Carrier Command and the E3 presentation of Take On Helicopters.
Of both presentations a youtube video will become available as well (again thanks to PurePassion) and we will post about those on our forums later.

Additionally we would like to thank NodUnit for informing us about this presentation on our our Arma 3 forum.

Written on 2011-06-08 22:39 by Armaholic  

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