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Requirements: USS Nimitz, F/A 18 Super Hornet, US Navy Work Uniform

Version: 2.00

Short description: A template for JDog's awesome USS Nimitz addon.

Date: 2013-01-14 07:30

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USS Nimitz Carrier Strike Group 11 Template


A template for JDog's awesome USS Nimitz addon.

Basically I wanted to create some missions with JDog's Nimitz but the immersion wasn't that great when you and your aircraft were the only two things on the whole ship.

I looked around for a template for the carrier but didn't find one so I made one myself. Might as well release so others can use it.

Instead of just having the Nimitz with planes, deck crew and objects I added the rest of its group: Carrier Strike Group 11 which is lying off of Utes with one Los Angeles Class Sub screening the group, two Ticonderoga Class Cruisers at the front of the formation, two Arleigh Burke Class Destroyers at the sides, two Oliver Hazard Perry Class Frigates at the rear and one Supply Class fast combat support ship next to the Nimitz for food, fuel and ammunition supply.

Although some of these are available as addons I used substitutes as necessary. This was to reduce the number of required addons while making it easy for the user to add in the extra things. A text document in the archive will give you links to these addons. There's also a folder containing information on the CSG and its units as well as pictures to aid in mission making.

- Carrier Strike Group 11 with proper force composition and formation
- 2 Squadrons of attack aircraft with one in the hangar and one on deck
- 1 helicopter squadron
- Deck and hangar with objects and crew
- Lightweight adaptable template. The barebones style allows you to add the rest of the CSG via community addons and MMA functionality if you wish
See 'Addons for Further Enhancement' for details.
- Markers denoting the name of each ship and the entire ORBAT of Carrier Air Wing 11

Mando Missile Arma (MMA):
MMA can be downloaded here:
MMA allows the user to add weapon functionality to the ships in the template, to the helicopters for anti-submarine warfare capability and possibly to the F/A-18.
MMA is available in addon or pure script form. See the documentation provided with it on how to use.

There is no addon suitable for the replenishment ship (placed next to the carrier). I've used a frigate model as a substitute.
Remember not to give it weapons with MMA!

Please check the 'Info' folder for some background on CSG-11 and CVW-11. There's also a text document with useful links.
Pictures of the Nimitz, the CSG and unit insignia are available for you to use if you want.

Future plans:
- Add MMA for the ships
- Squash bugs, if any pop up.

- JDog for the kick arse Nimitz
- Franze, John_Spartan, Meatball0311 and any others who worked on the F/A-18
- Mando for all he has done with his missile system
- Nixo91 for the US Navy guys
- Those who provided feedback on the first version
- Those who hosted this template and other addons for the community

- Used setPosASL and getPosASL
- Reduced addons required
- Added F/A-18 and US Navy Work Uniform
- Updated CVW-11 information and ORBAT to reflect current organisation
- Some small changes

Forum topic:
- BI forums

- USS Nimitz
- F/A 18 Super Hornet
- US Navy Work Uniform

- Mando Missile ArmA for Arma 2

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