Author: YorT
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Requirements: Arma 2

Version: 0.1.7
Signed: Yes

Short description: The AI Config will improve the games AI behaviour.

Date: 2011-06-19 12:35

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Iranian Forces AI Configuration


AI Combat improvements, which basically build and improve on some of the AI Mods out there, whilst trying to keep as much original BIS configurations to try and keep compatibility for future games patches/versions etc.

Please note that it does not require the Iranian Forces Mod and will work with any vanilla, old and new Mods, so please enjoy.

The AI Config trys to improve AI behaviour:
  • The AI Config trys to improve AI behaviour, uses a modified zeu_sys_AI with permission
  • AI with Anti Tank will target choppers.
  • AI vehicle and chopper gunners are more pro-active when targetting and shooting.
  • Visual effects when bullets passing nearby.
  • removed cross hairs to rifles, making gameplay more realistic and having to utilise weapon sights.
  • modified SLX wounding, Lite version - Only bleeding and blood splatter used.

As we always recommend use modfolders to seperate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems. For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.

When you are using the Steam version you can find a Steam mod installation and activation FAQ here.

Included files:

v0.1.7 OA
- now has BAF and PMC weapons

v0.1.4 OA
- fixed messed up AI behaviour due to autorank

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