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Version: 1.3
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Date: 2009-06-02 12:12

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SCUD - Mobile Nuclear Missile Launcher

This Addon adds the SCUD Launcher that can launch a nuclear missile to Armed Assault.
Processing according to the nuclear explosion is very heavy, needs high spec machine.
Some texture is misappropriated from Operation Flashpoint.

* Can launch a ballistic missile.
When your board Scud driver's sheet, "Launch operation" is displayed in the action menu.
Or, when subordinate of your group boards Scud, "Call launch operation" is displayed in the action menu,
and you can direct the launching.

* Can rearm a missile.
When Scud enters the Scud Hanger, load 15KT, 80KT or unload missile is displayed in action menu.
And, it can direct it similarly for subordinate.

* Can acquire parameter of Scud by script, be operated, and change setting.
The command is shown in latter half of this Readme. The setting can be changed by Config Panel too.

As we always recommend use mod folders to keep your mods organized and prevent errors.
Check our FAQ for a clear explanation.

Included files:

Watch a video of the SCUD nuclear explosion here on:
Another video made by Marines can be watched here:

Usage in scripts:
See included readme for a detailed explanation how to use this addon.

Change log:
- Added 80kt warhead
- Added Scud Hanger you can now load a missile
- Added Config Panel for Scud parameter changing
- Added Camera production mode
- Corrected some issue

    - Reformed 3D model. New model of SCUD vehicle by Vilas from VIBI. Gratitude for offer.
    - Added launch operation call to AI.
    - Removed radioactivity screen effect.
    - Added different explosion method that trees and walls collapse.(same ver1.0 method) Can use method from fall2.sqs, exp2.sqs.
    - Corrected Thing, StaticWeapon, Ship objects not damaged.
    - Corrected target map marker display bug.
    - Corrected bullet doesn't penetrate through window.
    - Improved explosion effect.
      Amount of particle used has increased.
    - Changed damage method:
      An extreme framerate decrease at explosion was reduced.
      Instead, trees and walls do not collapse.
      Instead, blast is not covered with buildings.
    - Added radioactivity effect after exploded.
    - Added breaking weather effect after exploded.
    - Improved explosion luminescence at nighttime.
    - Added Lock/Unlock launch control using in script.
    - Added nuclear explosion sound using in script.
    - Operated in ArmA ver1.05.
    - Corrected damage was effective in expnod.sqs.
    - Changed variable name of target point.

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