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Requirements: Arma 2, Community Base Addons, Isla Duala, Lingor, CWR2 Everon, CWR2 Kolgijev, Sahrani, Malden 2010, United Sahrani, Invasion 1944 - D-Day
Island(s): Isla Duala, Lingor, CWR2 Everon, CWR2 Kolgijev, Sahrani, Malden 2010, United Sahrani, Chernarus
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Version: 2.1 update

Date: 2011-07-27 08:10

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Deep Sandbox 2


This mission is based on the excellent Deep Sandbox Zargabad by Dmos
I liked this mission a lot and wanted to convert it to IceBreakrs's Isla Duala which is my favourite Arma 2 Island.

Basic Premise:
  • Isla Duala is split into 'hot zones' with action taking place around those zones. The zones with action are shown with red hatching. It's a big map so I had to split it up like this to give the player something to do and also to help with performance.
  • There are random 'events' that trigger occaisionally such as enemy and friendly troop paradrops, vehicle drops and weapon box drops.
  • There are other things hidden around like UAVs and static weapons - up to you to find and use them.
  • You will start in a random group with a loadout based on the config for that unit type. Your team will be of the same type of group. You may indeed start weapon-less - you'll have to find some.
  • There are weapon stashes dotted around the place.
  • You get credits for killing enemy units and armour - although as yet the system for spending them has not been built.
  • There are other surprises hidden around the island.
  • You can team switch between members of your units.
  • You can recruit any friendly forces you encounter.
  • It utilises UPSMON for the AI patrols (both OPFOR and BLUFOR).
  • Ability to call in precision air strikes and CAS missions if you find the control terminals!

  • Installation:
    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead\Missions folder.

    Known issues:
    If the player moves around the map too quickly, AI units great spread out losing the intensity of the battles.
    Some of the ammo crates dropped are not very useful - need to try and see of I can control this via the configs. If not, you will just need to hope you get a good one!
    The player is very occaisionaly not resurrected after death - probably due to script load - am working on this.
    Healing system does not always work as intended. Because I am using Dmos' original system I have probably broken it doing other stuff!!
    I have hacked and slashed a few scripts to get this going quickly - need to clean them up and add proper comments in case someone un-pbo's it.
    There is an warning when first loading - 'Cannot load ca\air\data\optika_heli_tl.paa' - I suspect this is one of the Vanilla Helos as it does not happen if ACE is loaded.
    Respawn Parachute sometimes drops you into the ocean - you'll have to put up with the swim until I sort this out.
    Sometimes the player loses the group leadership and then then grabs it back again, only to lose it again, only to grab it back again etc. Team switching usually resolves this. This may be fixed now.

    On the Lingor Map, be careful if you use the Lingor Units - those Unisol Cyborgs can be a bit of a handful when 20 of them are dropped in by parachute. After a few days of testing, the best approach to tackle this situation is ..... RUN AWAY!

    Credits & thanks:
    A lot of sweat and tears has gone into this and a lot of it is my own work, however without the following people, it would not have been possible.
    Dmos - Without his original I would not have been inspired to do this. A lot of his work remains here and any mistakes are mine and mine alone. Check out the original at :
    Demonized - I raped and tortured his Paradrop Script to use my unit pools.
    I raped and trotured his Paradrop Script some more to do vehicle and ammo drops also!
    Various pieces of code from the BI Editing forum.
    Monsada - I used the excellent UPSMON script for my unit Patrols. The version here is modified to also deal with players recruiting UPSMON controlled units.
    Draper - I used his Air Support script for well, erm, the air support functions. I modified the version here to add actions to objects rather than the player. I also modified it to Use BIS Advanced Hints rather than GroupChat.
    Celery - His cleanup script and various snippets of code from the BI Editing forum.
    Le2012 - I used his ammo box and armour parachute scripts - again modified here to do what I needed it to do.
    Robalo_AS - Use the ASR_AI scripts for AI rearming and to beef up the AI. & ArmaIIholic - modified BIS_TaskPatrol script.
    Icebreakr - For Isla Duala and all his other Islands - Quality, quality, quality.
    Bohemia Interactive - For making, maintaining, supporting and building on the best game ever. Words fail me as to how much I appreciate what you do.
    Any ommissions are purely a mistake. If you see some of your work in this mission, please let me know and I will add a credit - and please accept
    my apologies for forgetting to add the credit in the first place

    v2.1 update
    - added I44 - Chernarus

    * More performance improvements.
    * Uses ACE Halo if ACE is installed.
    * Some bug fixes.
    * Code cleanup.
    * Parameter Globals added to init.sqf
    EAST_RESPAWN_RATE = 50; // Delay between spawning group
    EAST_RESPAWN_REST = 600; // Amount to 'rest' when Limit reached
    EAST_RESPAWN_LIMIT = 25; // Maximum number of units before 'resting'
    WEST_RESPAWN_RATE = 200; // Delay between spawning group
    WEST_RESPAWN_REST = 600; // Amount to 'rest' when Limit reached
    WEST_RESPAWN_LIMIT = 25; // Maximum number of units before 'resting'.
    EAST_KILL_OFF = 120; // How often to kill off 'far away' units;
    EAST_KILL_DISTANCE = 1500; // How far is 'far away'
    WEST_KILL_OFF = 120; // How often to kill off 'far away' units;
    WEST_KILL_DISTANCE = 1500; // How far is 'far away'
    CLEAN_UP_BODIES = 120; // How often to delete Dead Bodies
    CLEAN_UP_ARMOUR = 240; // How often to delete Dead Vehicles
    PLANE_RESPAWN_RATE = 30; // How often to check if a new plane needed.
    ARMOUR_RESPAWN_RATE = 60; // How often to check if a new vehicle is needed.
    EAST_PLANES_MAX = 3; // Maximum Number of EAST planes flying at one time.
    WEST_PLANES_MAX = 3; // Maximum Number of WEST planes flying at one time.
    MAX_ARMOUR = 10; // Maximum number of spawned vehicles on the map at any one time.
    RANDOM_CRATES = 5; // Number of crates to scatter in hot-zones
    RANDOM_ARMOUR = 3; // Number of armour units to scatter in hot-zones
    RANDOM_EVENT_RATE = 600; // Minimum delay between random events
    RANDOM_EVENT_MAX = 600; // Maximum random time to add to the above NumberToDate
    ZONEMINIMUM = 5; // Minimum number of EAST units before area is declared cleared
    PLAYER_SQUAD_SIZE = 5; // Players in Squad (Including Player)
    PLAYER_RESPAWN_SIZE = 5; // Size to make the squad when all squaddies are dead.
    EAST_GROUP_SIZE = 5; // Size of EAST group spawned.
    WEST_GROUP_SIZE = 3; // Mimimum west group size
    WEST_GROUP_RANDOM = 5; // Maximun number of extra WEST units added.
    * Reworked the re-spawn to try and avoid problems when lots of scripts running.
    * Improved unit cleanup to try and improve FPS.

    * NOW REQUIRES CBA - Community Based Addons.
    * Removed UPSMON - causing too many pauses due to heavy amount of scripts running. Now using a modified version of BIS_Task Patrol. Suggestion is to use your favourite AI mod alongside - tested with ASR_AI.
    UPSMON is still included in the PBO and can be switched back on again with by setting some globals to true in the init.sqf...
    USEUPSMONPLANES = false; // Do Not Use UPSMON for planes - set to true to use.
    USEUPSMONVEH = false; // Do Not Use UPSMON for vehicles - set to true to use.
    USEUPSMONUNITS = false; // Do Not Use UPSMON for units - set to true to use.
    * More Performance Improvements.
    * Fixed the problem with multiple switchable teams being created.
    * The respawn para jump is now a HALO jump - you can now steer away from water!
    * The random events are now on a random timer rather than via placed triggers.
    * Fixed an issue where random events were being triggered continually.
    * Spawned Planes now use fuel properly.
    * Added a few more 'hot zones' and changed some starting positions.
    * Added a few more ammo caches in hot zones.
    * Added a few more random vehicles and a few more place choppers and planes.
    * Tweaked the random events and added more informative advanced hints.
    * Removed all Pistols from AI and player - the pistol bug (still present after 2 years!) was hacking me off! BIS say the fix for this is in the next release - they have been saying that since it was reported though ;-)

    v1.1 Beta
  • Some Vehicles were spawning in buildings/objects - moved them around.
  • When using ACE and not using Inko Missiles a script error occurred.
  • When a player died in a vehicle the respawn got into an endless loop.
  • Some Zones were not triggering correctly.
  • Some zones were not clearing correctly.
  • Unarmed Friendlies and Enemies are now given a weapon (note, this does not count if they are in your fireteam!).
  • UPSMON was surrendering enemies too easily. Switched off the surrendering ability as this was causing problems elsewhere too.
  • ACE earplugs now have to be manually fitted (they will still be added to your gear). Auto adding was causing a problem with the latest Beta of Arma2.
  • Parachutes and other non-flying vehicles no longer get spawned as planes.
  • Lots of performance improvements - completely re-worked how the arrays were checked - there should be less pauses and a few more FPS.
  • Tweaked the number of units spawned on each side - should make for more intense battles. If the desire is there, I will make these user controlled parameters.
  • Fixed a lot of action menu problems.

  • Forum topic:
    - BI forums

    - Arma 2
    - Community Base Addons
    - Isla Duala
    - Lingor
    - CWR2 Everon
    - CWR2 Kolgijev
    - Sahrani (CAA1 project)
    - Malden 2010
    - United Sahrani (CAA1 project)
    - Invasion 1944 - D-Day

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