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Requirements: Marpat Marines by HePCaT, Everon by Sgt.Ace, Mapfact South Sahrani by Lester, FIA Troops 1.2 by Rellikki & beta M72 LAW by Indy
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Version: 1.1

Date: 2007-06-20 13:03

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Armed Assault crCTI @DVD Mission #1 Armed Assault crCTI @DVD Mission #2 Armed Assault crCTI @DVD Mission #3
Armed Assault crCTI @DVD Mission #4 Armed Assault crCTI @DVD Mission #5 Armed Assault crCTI @DVD Mission #6
crCTI 1.0 @DVD - the old school crCTI Mod

This is crCTI with improved units.
Based on the latest crCTI 1.0 @ArmA 0.57.
This Mod comes with an own config addon for a better balance.
Also over 90% of all sounds were replaced, new units and some new "gimmicks" realized.
No original addon was modified, all mod. were made in the configs.
As 3rd party addons, @DVD 1.1 includes:

  • Marpat Marines by HePCaT
  • Everon 0.5 beta by Sgt.Ace
  • Mapfact South Sahrani by Lester
  • FIA Troops 1.2 by Rellikki
  • beta M72 LAW by Indy
Its not exclusively made for crCTI, its only my favorit MP mission.

Needed addons:
  • 3rd party addonpack 105 mb
  • Check the see also section at the end of the page for separate downloads (except beta M72 LAW by Indy which is included in the addon itself)

Just extract the pbo to you addons folder or use the modfolder method.
And the missions in your ...ArmA\MPMissions folder.

Change log:
New in v1.1:
  • 15vs15 now
  • AI is smarter
  • added hard / easy coop mode
  • new units for west: A-10 LGB (5x GBU10 2000 lb), A-10 AT (5x AGM65), M1 Abrams (105mm Gun), AV-8 AT (6x AGM65), M119 (as AT Gun), all Stryker IFV versions
  • new units for east:SU-34 LGB (4x KAB1500L 3000 lb), SU-34 AG (80x S8T),D30 (as AT Gun)
  • added M72 LAW (beta version by Indy)
  • M136 & RPG7VR stronger
  • added the old OFP breath sound
  • added ACU units (for possible desert missions)
  • added/changed/improved some sounds... e.g.: track sound of all APCs, better M4/16 sound, t72 turret sound
  • added a new more realistic gun powder/tank dust FX
  • added tracer to A10
  • T72/BMP more audible
  • increased inf. weapons accuracy
  • added back FFAR for combat helicopter and combat planes
  • AT5/TOW + Strela/Stinger slower and less maneuverability now
  • changed FOV (Field of View), no more ArmA fisheye view
  • changed the zoom of AK74 PSO, M16A4 ACG & M4A1 GL .... to avoid massive performance drop by using the scope (better less zoom and playable frames, instead of 100% zoom and a slideshow)
former v0.52:
  • over 90% of all weapon, vehicle and impact sounds are replaced with better ones
  • reused weapons recoil to OFP style
  • removed the tracer of assault rifles, MG/LMGs still have tracer
  • ** tanks have zoom for the tank commander, extra zoom is also available for some more weapons
  • OFP like balance, eg. M1A1 needs 3-4 sabot of the new T72M (almost strong like the T80 in OFP) & T72A
  • the engine of all tanks won't turn on by turning the turret
  • ** fixed inf. AT weapons, the infantry won't fire on enemy inf. with AT136/RPG7
  • M136 and RPG7 fire looks better, also the Ai wont fire over 250m
  • removed the recoil of MK19 and AGS30, so they shot correctly now
  • created FIA vehicles (T72, BMP 2 & UAZG)
  • and use the Resistance Troops 1.1 reskin by Rellikki, as FIA
  • created camouflaged buildings & static defence
  • replaced ACU Army soldier to Marpat Marines, reskin by HePCaT
  • removed some dust FX or reduced some
  • added GPS for Officers and Squadleader (the player units in crCTI)
  • removed all original weapon transport, in all vehicles but ... added bigger cargospace for magazines and weapons, to avoid the "ammo bug"
  • MGuns >= DShKM / M2 Browning aim and fire on helicopters, so they can be used as AA Guns now
  • removed the FFAR for Helicopter and Planes
  • added 1500rnd instead of 300 to Harrier GAU12
  • the SU34 got 8AT rockets now
  • both sides got the RHIB as boat (west and east version)
  • US troops got M68 hand-grenade instead of the timed M67, because the AI can't handle the timed HG well
** = outdated by ArmA patches (v1.08)

about the coop option:
If "Easy Coop" is selected, there are just a few resistance troops, and the AI opponent side, got only double startmoney as the player side.
If "Hard Coop" is selected, there are a lot resistance troops, and the AI opponent side, got 200 times startmoney as the player side.
If both sides are with player, and "Hard Coop" is selected, each player side got normal startmoney, but way more resistance are in the game. Its almost like a "3 sides CTI".

Bugfix in v1.1:
missing vehiclescanner for BI tanks in v0.52
This bug was a result of ArmA patches.

Known issues & Comments:
  • JIP dont work correctly, so it is off. JIP is W.I.P., no ETA yet, (but master Cleanrock may got a solution already .. )
  • AI needs performance, if the server frames drop under 20 fps, the AI will stop, they don't move.
  • Javalin is not in, it would take away the challenge to kill a tank.

  • Cleanrock - thank you for creating the best ever CTI
  • Jack Hammersmith, T_D & Zyklone - thank you for porting the best ever CTI
  • Bohemia Interactive - thank you for the permission to use OFP content in ArmA & also using modified ArmA Content in this addon
  • Johnnie Walker - thank you for porting the old ctiobjects models of OFP into ArmA & for realizing the "combat wall" concept
  • Al Simmons - thank you for creating the KAB1500L
  • Indy - thank you for the permission to use your beta LAW in my config
  • EvEnLeaSe44 - useing your gunsmoke solution
  • Earl, Suchey & Jocko FLocko - using some Marine Assault Pack v1.2 weapons sounds
  • InQUisiToR - useing AK74 & M24 sounds
  • AaronAsh & Cpt. Robertson - using M1A1 engine sound
  • VIT - using BMP engine & 30mm sound
  • BWMod - using impact sounds of the OFP BWMod demo 1.3

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