Arma3 Creative Director interview by nordrassilradio- Part II

Briggsil informed us on our forums he released part II of the interview with Arma3 Creative Director Ivan Buchta he did for nordrassilradio.
The interview was aired August 1 from 19:00 to 21:00 CEST and for those who missed it part I & part II have been released on youtbue.
Part III will be released later as well!

The interview is a little over 23 minutes long and covers these questions:
  • Is there only one map available on ArmA3 or will there be 2 like the previous games?
  • Can you confirm or reveal the exact factions in which will be available to play in ArmA3?
  • What are they calling the Kamokum? (The helicopter that looks like an Mi-28 with the rotors from a Ka-50)
  • Will the character animations be the same as ArmA2 or are there any plan's to update them?
  • Arma 2 and OA had limited (not fully functional) mod integration support; will Arma 3 see improvements in this area, and if so what particular improvements?
  • Do they plan on being able to take equipment off? because you cant be stealthy wearing flippers raiding the compound. We know about the weapon attachments.

Written on 2011-08-03 11:04 by Foxhound  

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