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Version: 1.1

Date: 2007-06-20 13:58

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M14 Devil Cross

That was another "special" morning in the Air Force. Me and Sam received a mission to destroy some Slack artillery. All he managed to get was one piece, while I had to do all the hard work. Is Sam really getting old for this job?

The main objective of the final offensive is the Northern capital Bagango. AA defense in central part of the island is destroyed, ground artillery was neutralized by your flight in the morning. There's nothing serious to stop our troops now.


  • Support ground troops as they breakthrough first line of defense.
  • Support ground troops as they breakthrough second line of defense.
  • Provide close air support during the final attack on Bagango.
  • Destroy enemy APC in Gaula.
  • Destroy building secured by SLA in Obregan. Bravo Team will mark it by red smoke.
  • Destroy ships escaping from Mercalillo.
  • Destroy enemy artillery
  • You and Sam have bet if you manage to destroy ten APCs before your first time return to the base.

Just extract to your ArmA\Missions... folder.

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