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Old Bear informed the community on the BI forums about different Clan ADO releases:

  • Armee Tigerianne v1.0d by [ADO]GMC
  • Tigerian Vehicles by Rewan
  • [ADO] Tigeria by Old Bear

    Quote :
    This adds "Armee Tigerianne" units equipped with BI weapons.

    • Regular "Armee Tigerianne" units,
    • Special Forces "Armee Tigerianne" units,
    • Tank crew and Pilot.

    • Squads:
    • Regular squad : "Troupe régulière Tigérianne"
    • Anti-Tank squad : "Troupe régulière Anti-Char Tigérianne"
    • Special Forces squad : "Forces spécial Tigerianne"

    Quote :
    Tigerian Vehicles, retextured BI Independent tanks, vehicles, boats, plane and chopper.

    • Véhicules Tigérians:
        - T-34
        - T-55
        - BTR-60
        - BRDM-2
        - BRDM2-AT
        - BRDM2-PC
        - BTR-40
        - BTR-40 (DshKM)
        - Ural-ZU-23
        - Pick-up (PK)
        - Tout-terrain (DshKM)
        - Tout-terrain (SPG-9)
        - V3S
    • Bateaux Tigérians:
        - PBX
        - RHIB
    • Armée de l'Air Tigérianne:
        - L-39ZA
        - UH-1H
        - An-2
    • Logistique Tigérianne:
        - V3S (Munitions)
        - V3S (Dépannage)
        - V3S (Carburant)

      Quote :
      Tigeria is a middle size island, 13 km X 13 km, located somewhere along equator between Central America and South-East Asia.
      One of the characteristics is the presence of mountains culminating around 500m.
      This island is partially covered with tropical forests tropical but also with wet meadows.
      There exist many banana plantations, the banana being one of the ancien source of whealth for the island.
      Tigeria is the capital, there exist many villages and hamlets some being only villages of huts.
      Tigeria island features an airport in the south and a grass track in north, but around main island, smaller islands feature tracks more or less "balisées", or a true military base like l' Island of Despestar.
      Two of these islands, La Coquille and Speranza are accessible from main island by passage to ford more or less marked out.
      Some fords exist on this island and requires an special attention because of tides.
      Main rivers on Tigeria despite the fact they are encumbered by the mangrove are navigable.

    [ADO] Tigeria v0.93 beta

    - African Foliage
    - Isla Duala (only need ibr_plants.pbo)
    - Arma 2

Written on 2011-08-23 21:33 by Armaholic  

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