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Requirements: Addons Pack
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Version: 1.32

Date: 2007-07-18 17:07

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Blu Occupation Part I
Big Ofp Fan

You will need this addons pack (79Mb) for this campaign to work.

Sahrani after the war between the RAC's and SLA:
The most of north are now in hand of the US and RAC, many SLA have give up or lost their live in the war.
But some SLA are hiding an begin to fight again, against the RAC and US. Peace of peace they take back tank factories, barracks etc. many people of the north join them to fight against the US and RACS...

Copy the BluOccupation.pbo into your ArmA/Campaigns folder
Copy the @addons folder into your ArmA main folder and add into your shortcut -mod=@addons .
Or copy the addons into your arma/addons folder

In mission "Jail" sometimes shot the AI to you due you are on setcaptive. In our intern tests we have found out that is still
an game bug:

Suggestion: restart the mission, it should be no more probs.

No official campaign, no support through BIS or any local publisher. USE IT ON YOU OWN RISK!!!!

At all who helped us

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