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Version: 0.1

Short description: This is a beta version of the mapclick Close Air Support script.

Date: 2011-09-10 16:49

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Map Click CAS script


Here's a beta version of the mapclick Close Air Support script.
There's 2 test missions in the rar file one on Utes and one on Takistan.

It works in pretty much the same way as the chopper taxi script however the aircraft don't respawn.

CAS script
Its currently set-up for a flight of two aircraft only - A10's seem to work best for the blufor side. When CAS is called via the action menu the planes will take-off and fly to the marker point selected on the map. They will then engage any enemy units they come across for a period of approx 3 minutes or until all the targets they are aware of are destroyed. Then they'll land at the base/airport, taxi round until they reach the end of the runway and wait until the next CAS strike is called.

The scripts are set-up to work on a dedicated server but I haven't done much testing on a dedi so far.

If you try the missions you'll see 2 markers on the Takistan map designating enemy positions and one on the Utes map. When the CAS action appears just use it and click on the map at one of these enemy markers and the ball will start rolling...

Camera script
I've included my simple camera script in the 2 missions so you can watch the action from various view points. Cam script can be enabled in the action menu. Once you've enabled it you can scroll through various views using the W and S keys

The camera choices are:
1. 3rd person
2. Topdown (use the scroll wheel to zoom in and out)
3. Fixed front/side view
4. 1st person
5. Rotatable camera ( camera postion can be zoomed in and out with the scroll wheel and can be rotated around the unit using the click and holding the right-mouse button near the centre of the screen)
6. Fly by camera

You can swap camera focus between units using the A and D keys.

Future plans:
* Add the ability for aircraft to use bombs
* Add a cancel CAS strike function

If you give it a try make sure you let me know if you come across any problems.

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