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Requirements: Community Base Addons

Version: 1.01
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: The ArmA Electrical Grids (AEG) project simulates electrical power grids throughout various islands in the ArmAverse.

Date: 2011-10-29 21:28

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AEG - ArmA Electrical Grids


The ArmA Electrical Grids (AEG) project simulates electrical power grids throughout various islands in the ArmAverse. The simulation features power plants with smokestacks that emit smoke when generating electricity. Substations or poles with transformer that emit a humming noise when energized. Street lights are turned off when power is cutoff.

- Multiple supported islands: Chernarus, Utes, Takistan, Zargabad, and Qom Province.
- Power plants with working smokestacks and power plant noises.
- Electrical substations that emit a transformer humming noise when energized.
- Area/City/Town/Neighborhood pole mounted transformers that emit a transformer humming noise when energized.
- Ability to interrupt power by destroying components or, if enabled by mission makers, by manually tripping circuit breakers via the action menu (if tripped, breakers can again be closed to restore power). Manually switching circuit breakers can cause arc flash explosions if enabled by the mission maker.
- Mission makers can enable players to remotely logon to grid control software and substation video feeds via custom dialog.
- Grid redundancy - if certain components go offline, power automatically switches to secondary circuits when available.
- Built-in task/objective support via global/public variables (with examples).
- Fully SP, MP, Team Switch, JIP, and persistent mission compatible. Each mode is optimized for minimal performance impact. JIP is self-contained and does not require onPlayerConnected code.
- Backward compatible with CEG (Chernarus Electrical Grid) for functionality purposes on Chernarus and conflict avoidance.
- Extensive documentation for mission makers and players. Easy implementation into any mission.
- Fully featured demo missions for each island.
- Available in script only (no addons required) and addon versions. Addon version automatically adds AEG to any mission on supported islands.

Addon Version (Mission Makers and Players)
As we always recommend use modfolders to seperate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems. For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.

When you are using the Steam version you can find a Steam mod installation and activation FAQ here.

Script Version
There is no player action required for the script version of AEG. Additional mission maker instructions can be found in missionmaker.txt.

- ArmA 2 v.1.10 or higher for Chernarus and Utes. ArmA 2 OA (or CO) v.1.59 or higher for Takistan, Zargabad, and Qom Province.
- The addon version of AEG requires Community Based Addons (CBA), more specifically, Extended Event Handlers (XEH) to be installed and loaded in order to function. CBA can be found at most ArmA2 content download sites. The script version does not require any addons.
- For multiplayer missions, AEG must be running on the server and all clients to function correctly. This is automatic for the script version since it is included in the mission.
- See readme.txt in download folder for additional details.

Included pbo files:


A.There are three ways players can interact with the grids:
1. Destroy components to cut off power. A transformer object or pole must be completely destroyed for power flowing through it to be cut off. The same principle goes for power plant buildings. An object is completely destroyed when it disappears (or is replaced with rubble/ruins).
2. Players can also manually cutoff and restore power at transformers or poles by tripping and closing circuit breakers respectively. To cut off power, walk towards the transformer and face the center. When close enough, you will see an action menu option to "Trip Circuit Breaker" or "Close Circuit Breaker". This option can be turned off by the mission maker. Mission makers can also add the possibility of a potentially lethal arc flash explosion when manually switching breakers.
3. If given the option by the mission maker (and if on Chernarus), players can logon to the grid control system and monitor and control power remotely. Players can also access a close circuit television system to monitor substation activity. The grid control system has a point and click interface. If a circuit breaker is tripped or closed as described above, it can be changed back again via the control system (and vise versa). A password (set by the mission maker) may be required to access the grid control system.
B. Portions of the grids may be redundant in case certain components are offline.
C. There may be components on the map that are inactive because they are not connected to the grid.
D. For additional guidance the included demo missions document different grid features.

Refer to the included reame file for more and detailed information how to use this in your own missions/mpas/islands.

Known issues:
- No known bugs
- No known errors

- AEG needs 2-10 seconds to initialize at mission start depending on the size of the mission and other init processes.
- Please note that particles (like smoke from smokestacks) are not emitted when you are not able to look at them so they may appear to suddenly start emitting if they first come in to view from a distance.
- If power is turned off at a power plant which is connected to multiple substations, there may be some associated lag as street lamps switch off.
- If a transformer pole is destroyed, JIP players may still see the pole upright and standing. However, it will not be operational. This is not an issue related to AEG, rather it is a game engine issue.
- Backward compatibility with CEG is achieved by aborting the AEG addon if the current mission is on Chernarus AND CEG is also in use via mission scripting or CEG addon presence. Please note that if you have both the CEG and AEG addons installed and if a mission requires AEG, since AEG will be aborted, the simulation will not be correct on your machine. It is highly recommended to not have both CEG and AEG installed simultaneously if playing multiplayer.

Future plans:
-Add additional islands to the list of supported worlds upon request from the island maker. Islands will not be added to AEG unless they are standard release Islands from BIS or with full permission and input from the island maker.

Developer Notes:
After several months of work I am very happy to announce the general release of the ArmA Electrical Grids (AEG) Script Pack and Addon. Download is 10MB but AEG itself is only 600K. The download is larger because it contains both the script and addon versions, several demo missions, and documentation and images for mission makers.

If you have comments, questions, or suggestions please post them!

If you are a custom island maker and want to include your island in the AEG simulation (requires no modification of your island), please feel free to contact me.

Credits & Thanks:
The developer would like to thank the staff and regular contributors at BIF, OFPEC, and Dev-Heaven for their enormous help and guidance and in particular these individuals (in no particular order and please pardon if anyone was accidentally omitted):

ADDED: Support for Qom Province by Tupolov.
IMPROVED: Cleaned up initialization code for some scripts.
IMPROVED: Fixed typos/formatting in comments in various scripts.
IMPROVED: Cleaned up config.cpp for addon version.
IMPROVED: Gave units names in all demos.
CHANGED: Added instructions in missionmaker.txt to convert demo missions to work exclusively with the addon version.
FIXED: Corrected Marker links for documentation in the Zargabad demo briefing.
FIXED: Added briefing.html file to Zargabad demo.

-IMPROVED: Cleaned up code in island functions for uniformity.
-IMPROVED: Inserted explanatory comments in variable initialization block of all island functions.
-IMPROVED: Adjusted smoke particle source in Chernogorsk to better align with smokestack.
-IMPROVED: Added a server/client version to check to ensure the server and client are running the same version of the AEG addon. If not, The AEG client version will abort and will display a side chat message to alert the player.
-IMPROVED: Standardized Demo mission markers.
-ADDED: Additional documentation for mission makers added to each demo mission briefing to include use of circuit breakers via the action menu, the remote control system, and node descriptions and diagrams.
-ADDED: Additional an "Intelligence" subfolder to each demo mission with images in .paa format that can be used for AEG related tasks/objectives via briefings and hints.
-IMPROVED: Cleaned up readme.txt and missionmaker.txt files and added information on demo briefings and Intelligence folders.
-ADDED: Added islandmaker.txt to give guidance to island makers who want to design realistic electrical grids on custom islands and that can be easily supported by AEG.

- Initial Beta Release

Forum topic:
- BI forums

Community Base Addons (only required for the addon version)

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