WIP Report - Invasion 1944 version 2.6 Mutliplayer footageTest
Work in progress

Pac submitted some footage of a recent MP test session of the upcoming Invasion 1944 version 2.6!

    Quote Pac :
    Some footage from our recent v2.6 MP test session on Macolik's new missions:

    • Part 1
        Fallschirmjäger's must ambush a British Convoy in "Southern Italy" (Zargabad).
    • Part 2
        The Fallschirmjäger's squad is now completely surrounded and under heavy counterattack from the British. As darkness falls they must retreat into the darkness to find a way home.

You can find more info and leave your feedback in the Invasion 1944 topic.

Written on 2011-09-13 22:53 by Pac  

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