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Jay Crowe informed us there will be a Take On Helicopters Pre-Order Beta released to all those who pre-ordered the game.

    Quote RoyaltyinExile :
    The Take On Helicopters Pre-Order Beta rewards those who’ve pre-ordered the game with a generous batch of early-access content, playable above a huge section of the Seattle terrain!
    The beta will be available for those who’ve pre-ordered the game from October 4th, while the full game itself now has an official release date of October 27th! Check out the full details and some of the latest screens shots below.

      The light and medium civil helicopter classes are included, enabling a wide range of gameplay possibilities.
      Try your hand at sling-loading, fast-roping, Forward-Looking Infra-Red, low-level flight, and much more besides!

      A big chunk of our Seattle environment – including Downtown and the Space Needle – forms part of the Pre-Order Beta.
      Players can explore their own heliport, and take to the skies above ~30x30km of Seattle – at any time of day, and in any kind of weather!

    Free Flight
      Pick a chopper, and go! This easy-access mode gives players looking to get straight into the cockpit the chance to do just that.
      Choose from a selection of helicopters included in the Pre-Order Beta, and you’ll be placed in our Seattle terrain, all set to go!

    Single Missions
      The Best Laid Plans – Play a scenario plucked straight out of the middle of our career mode, and learn a little more about Larkin Aviation, and the kind of contracts they’re having to take on to keep their business afloat.
      Sling your Hook – Shift construction materials above Seattle by sling-line, all procedurally generated, so the mission is different each time you fly!

      Simple Flight – If you know next to nothing about helicopters, but just want to get flying, this is the training mission for you, presenting players with some handy hints along the way.
      Start Up & Shut Down – We know that just starting up the helicopter can be a challenge, so we’ve included our fully-voiced tutorial, which helps to show you how to do just that.
      Basic Manoeuvres – Learn the basics of getting your chopper from A to B, by flying though a number of check-point courses, which introduce the principles of level-flight, banking, changing altitude, and more!

    Time Trials
      A Bridge too Far – Race above (or below!) some of Seattle’s bridges, trying your best to beat the clock.
      Railroaded – Beat a tight path into Seattle’s Downtown district, trying to appreciate the view as you struggle to keep your bird airborne!

      One of our multiplayer scenarios plus the freedom to create your own mission to play with – or against – your friends!

      Our powerful editor is included, where you can create your own scenarios, from simple checkpoint flights, to wherever your skills can take you!

      A quick checklist of the features included in the Pre-Order Beta, and those exclusive to launch can be found at the bottom of this page.

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