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Version: 1.006 beta

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Date: 2007-07-01 12:07

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ArmA Anti-Cheat (ARMAAC)

ARMAAC is a script package for Armed Assault, that checks the config files of any clients connected to the server. The scripts are easy to implement into MP missions and the server admin running the mission does not need to use the ARMAAC addon if he doesn't want to. I would also like to point out that it is not necessary for players to download the addon. The scripts are all run on the server.

- Safe playing: Keep cheaters off your server with little hassle. No need to configure any server configs.

- Compatible with mods: Running an unsigned mod on your server? No problem. ARMAAC checks anything that's there. Also, clients can use non-malicious mods, such as sound mods without fear of being kicked.

- It's optional: Enabling your mission for ARMAAC doesn't mean server admins are forced to use it. If the ARMAAC addon isn't there, the mission works normally.

- Easily implemented: For mission makers, implementing ARMAAC in your missions is a piece of cake. All it takes is a single line of code. For server admins, it's just a matter of getting the ARMAAC addon.

- Easily updated: All ARMAAC scripts are stored in the server-side addon. Once ARMAAC support has been implemented in a mission, there will be no need to change the mission, if there is an ARMAAC update. The server admin just needs to download the latest ARMAAC version and overwrite the old one.

- 100% Server-side: No player will ever need to download ARMAAC. It's all done on the server.

ARMAAC for mission makers:
How to make your MP missions "ARMAAC enabled":

Enabling ARMAAC for your multiplayer missions is simple and safe. Even if your mission is run on a server that does not use ARMAAC, there will be no problems at all.

All you need to do is add the following line of code to the start of your missions INIT.sqf:
if (isServer && isClass (configFile >> "CfgPatches" >> "ARMAAC")) then {[] execVM "\ARMAAC\ARMAAC.sqf";};
And that's it. From this point on, your mission is ARMAAC enabled and will utilize the ArmA Anti-Cheat scripts if the addon is installed on the server. Rest assured that this will not make your mission unplayable, and even if it did, the server admin could just remove the ARMAAC scripts easily.

ARMAAC for server admins:
As a server admin, you need only install the latest ARMAAC.pbo file to your server's addons folder, or to a mod folder if you prefer.

Current version: 1.006
Release date: June 27th, 2007
Size: 17,3kb
MD5 hash: 96B3780B5F3143604511C48EA87AF16E

- First beta release candidate

- Improved config checking method

- Corrected a small "script not found"
- Added some additional config checks
- Improved performance on heavily populated servers

- Added compatibility for Sickboy's SIX_Pack 1
- Removed an unnecessary message

- Reduced ArmAAC reporting frequency
- Included player join messages
- Fixed wrong player number bug

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