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Requirements: African Militia by Madmedic , Lowfly's EditorUpdate, Skavens MercsVr2
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Version: 1.0

Date: 2007-06-26 23:44

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Operation Shark

Hi all. I have been working on a mission for a month or so now and have finished it as far as my scripting knowledge go's.

To install unzip it and place it in "mydocs/arma other profiles/username/missions".
Here you can load it in the editor and extract it to mp missions.

    Your Town Bagango have been at political war for two years with Paraiso over the owner-ship of the town Corasol. Both Frendly and enemy forces have lived there for Years, but at conflict from criminal damage to planned murder of key targets of your resistance group.

    The US Army have moved into your teritory on a peac keeping mission to restore law and order to your land.

    They have made a foot hold on a small island off of your main land Rahmadi where many of your soldiers blood has already been spilled on your soil to keep them out of your countys busness.

    Previous missions:
    Your Leader 'Dan Davies' Has sent your troops orders to persuade the US Army to leave using nessassery force. This didnt Work.

    The US Army has grown stronger with an insider reporting that there are currently 2000 forces held in Rhamadi waiting to deploy to main land.

    Civilians have reported that US Spec Ops have been sighted gaining int from distant remote locations but have no other strange reportings.

    There has been a dead line given (17 March 2007 0800Z am) from the President of the USA that Order will be maintained or he will be forced to deploy troops mainland to arrest Dan Davies on world terror charges using maximum force to achieve his goal.
Credits and thanks:
My fellow clan members in the CAF clan for testing this map with me at great lengths of time.

The script templates I have used which others have worked hard on.

1)Vehicle Respawn Script by {nBs}-Myke-{CO}

2)Universal Weapons Respawn Script v1.04 (March 31, 2003) revised (March, 2007)
original by toadlife revised by norrin for ArmA

3)Arty Script by Mr-Murray and JörgF 2006

4)The BOR Camp

5)And the Addons I have used.

Finally You for downloading and playing it.

Please leave a comment on the download section.

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