WIP Report - Invasion 1944 version 2.6 Music & Sound Effects
Work in progress

Pac submitted two new videos showing some work from the upcoming version 2.6!

    Quote Pac :
    Two new videos showing some work from 2.6, first a sound effects video from Macolik and an original music track video from SFG.

    "A small sample of the new sound effects in 2.6, including the MG34 and Bren machineguns, 20mm KwK 38 L/55, Sdkfz 251, Springfield Rifle, MP40 sub-machinegun and explosion impact sounds." - Macolik

    "For our 2.6 menu scene which features prisoners of war, I wanted to write something that not only encompassed the feelings of the prisoners, but those imprisoned by the war itself - the lives changed forever." - SFG

You can find more info and leave your feedback in the Invasion 1944 topic.

Written on 2011-10-02 15:57 by Pac  

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