Campaign : Hammer of Thor by nettrucker updated

nettrucker has informed us he released an updated version of his campaign for Arma 2: Combined Operations in the BI forums.

  • Fixed seIdentity issue in players init field.
  • Fixed campaign pic issue I had.
  • Removed some markers in missions which I've forgot to remove
  • Fixed Mission name in editor intel (mission 3 to 15)
  • Reworked mission 1 - added transport back to the FOB
  • Fixed all script errors in intro's and outro's apart of one.
  • Reworked sequence of tasks in mission Nr3 "On the hot spot"
  • added two missions which were not showing up in the campaign list ( thanks SaOk)
  • Added M240 ammo in all missions.
  • Fixed Mission 06 end trigger wouldn't activate.
  • Mission 07 reworked and updated all mission objectives
  • added autosave game for those who playing on expert mode.
  • reduced sizes of onloading screen pics
  • changed ambiance sounds for each mission
  • Fixed all spelling errors I could find so far.
  • Reworked several briefings and links to respective markers
  • Reworked objectives for mission 08
  • Fixed triggers in mission 09 and reduced units in buildings
  • Fixed tasks in mission 1 reworked slightly missions 11-12-13-14-15
  • Performance optimized a bit thanks to code provided by SaOk
  • changed some Intro's and Outro's

Written on 2011-11-28 07:24 by nettrucker  

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