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blakeace informed us he released an updated version of his AI Forward Observer module on the BI forums.

    Quote blakeace :
    Firstly just like my other addons, real life is limiting my time online, as such rather than continue to let these items gather dust on my harddrive, I thought I would release them and let the community both test the MP aspects, and hopefully enjoy their use. Hence the alpha status.

    The module is based on my AI Artillery Framework scripts. I have tweaked and changed a couple of things, but mainly it is fundamently the same. The reason for producing a module was to create a very simple way for mission designers to add opposition artillery. Like the framework it uses real mortar pieces firing rounds at targets that the FO's genuinely know about. Using the BIS artillery module functionality hidden within. Leaving the user with a nice graphical way of creating opposition artillery.

    Mission designers need to be aware of the ranges of different artillery objects. Basic ranges can be found at Community wiki.
    It is not intended to be deadly accurate, though the default mortars still pack a real punch if detonating nearby.

    • Added: Distance given in "debug" mode is referenced to the first artillery unit synced to the module if using placed units. Module is used for dynamically placed units.
    • Added: Marker range circles showing ranges when using "debug" mode.
    • Improved: FO's will now only call missions from one battery at a time if they are synced to multiple AI FO modules. If using multiple batteries and FO's will more likely spread the fire missions around the different FO's better.

Written on 2012-12-03 09:13 by Blakeace  

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