ARTY - another simple artillery script
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TomNedry informed us he released an updated version of his ARTY script on the BI forums.
ARTY is small script for requesting artillery via a dialog where target coordinates have to be entered manually.
The location of the artillery, the amount of available shells and the type of ammunition are editable by the missionmaker.
The archive contains an example mission for both the Utes (Arma 2) and the Zargabad (Operation Arrowhead) maps.

  • Typo corrected in sidechat message at fire request
  • Calculation for corMarker adopted, so coordinates on ArmA2 OA maps are correct now
  • ReadMe changed. Remark to disable "_UTMCorr" on ArmA2 OA maps
  • Added an example for "Zargabad"

Written on 2011-11-03 08:57 by TomNedry  

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