Simple Reinforcements fsm by Wiggum
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Wiggum informed us he released his Simple Reinforcements fsm on the BI forums.
This fsm file gives a simple way to incorporate some random reinforcements.

    Quote Wiggum :
    While I was playing around with the FSM Editor I had the idea for a simple reinforcements script that takes away the stress of adding and setting up all those waypoints for reinforcement units.
    All you have to do is to place one or more markers from which the script will choose one randomly and the unit or group will reinforce this position if you call the script.
    You can have differend markers for differend types of reinforcements (air, infantry ect.) or use the same for multiple units.
    Its nothing complex and you may ask why I used a .fsm if you can do a similar script in .sqf...the answer is I just wanted to try .fsm!

    CBA version:
    I made a version that uses the great CBA_fnc_taskPatrol for infantry with SAD as "WPTYPE".
    Remember that infantry set to SAD will now use the radius to determine the size of the area they will patrol around the marker!
    Vehicles and air units still use a SAD + CYCLE WP combination!
    And obviously you will need the CBA mod to use this version of the script!

Written on 2011-11-11 22:07 by Wiggum  

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