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Today the Armaholic team is happy to announce that we have expanded our network for
the modding community. This time not just for one game but for 32 games to start with and more will be able to be requested later on!

We will be offering a whole new Download Section for the games, a whole new Forums supported by vBulletin, and as always our daily and updated news pages about upcoming mods, new releases and news of anything related to the games we are covering.

You will not be able to make an account on the main Modsaholic page as you can here on Armaholic since we are using a different kind of setup.
The only account you will be able to make is on the forums.
However visitors and forum members are able to comment on the news items and downloadpages to make sure you can leave your feedback across the website.

The site at the moment is still in a beta stage and might have an odd bug or minor fault and we would appreciate it a lot when you report any such issues here on the forums!

For now we are only going to be linking to downloads instead of hosting/mirroring them as we do here on Armaholic. We first want to build a steady community by writing news articles and providing info about all currently covered games!

We all hope you do enjoy our new addition to the "holic" brand and become part of our new community.
Please feel free to visit our new website "" and let us know what you think!

The Armaholic & Modsaholic staff.

Written on 2011-11-17 07:00 by DarkXess  

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