Deployable Camo Nets by hcpookie updated
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hcpookie released a new version of his Deployable Camo Nets addon on the BI forums.

    Quote hcpookie :
    Update! v2.0 is now available, a year in the making!
    New in v2.0: Sniper Camo nets are now inventory items meaning you carry them as you would a radio, compass, etc.
    Backpacks are no longer required for sniper nets!

    This new option was added to eliminate the sniper backpack "penalty" the BIS inventory structure imposed with the previous 1.x version that required carrying the camo net as a backpack. In real life, the camo net wouldn't be that big or heavy... similar in size and weight to 2-man pup tent. Therefore it would probably be lashed to a backpack like a bedroll or slung over the shoulder as additional gear. The use of these new Inventory sniper nets will allow the sniper to carry a backpack, thereby eliminating the "inventory penalty" to snipers from the previous versions!

    • New: Inventory-item selectable sniper/FO nets found in new category

Written on 2012-12-01 10:06 by hcpookie  

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